Tv appearances

King5 News Show Take5 - Letter writing segment

public speaking

Gather Seattle - Career Mentorship Happy Hour + Panel Conversation
A career focused happy hour featuring stories from established business owners on what goes into creating, running, and growing a business. June 2019.

Full Moon Market - “She’s the Boss” Panel Discussion
A panel discussion and Q&A in celebration of women-owned businesses with local female entrepreneurs. May 2019.

Creative Mornings - “Analog Passion & Craft in an Economic Downturn.”
This event took place in 2012.

Ignite Seattle - “How the Downturn Made Me A Small Business Owner (and why it was a good idea).” This event took place in 2013.

guest blog posts

"The Hurdles to Good Correspondence" - Article on Pretty By Post


Talking Shop - Interview with Sara - 2019
"In this week’s Talking Shop, Sara tells us about creating from experience, bringing an ancient letterpress back to life, embracing passion projects, and realizing the blessing of ‘beautiful plan Bs.’”
Design Feast - Interview with Sara - 2016
Oh So Beautiful Paper - Behind the Stationery - 2016
Boxcar Press - Seattle City Tour - 2015
Feast & West - Dream Jobs Interview - 2015
Creative Mornings - Morning Person Interview - 2014
Ladies of Letterpress - Member Spotlight - 2014
Supporter Stories - Interview about supporting Sounders FC - 2016


Letterpress: A New Trend in Letterpress Printing
Ladies of Letterpress: A Gallery of Prints

About our brick & mortar

Maptote - Brick & Mortar Store Spotlight
Port of Seattle TV Commercial - Featuring C&Co.
Queen Anne & Magnolia News - Article
Magnolia Voice - Our Retail Shop
Nube Green - Studio Tour

About our us & our Products

The Paper Chronicles - 2018 Product Release
Gifts & Dec - Best New Product Award National Stationery Show 2016
The Paper Chronicles - I’d Face Zombies Card
Paper Crave - Patch Cards
Oh So Beautiful Paper - National Stationery Show Mailers 2014
Paper Crave - Treehouse Point Cards
Lovely Somethings - National Stationery Show Booth 2014
Twig & Thistle - Our Branding

podcast appearances

Seek the Joy Podcast - In this episode we chat all about the connection between mental health and entrepreneurship, Sara's mental health journey and how it continues to inspire what she creates and shares. Sara shares how she takes care of her mental health and wellness, why we need to be honest about what we're experiencing, and embracing discomfort as a gift. We talk about vulnerability as our superpower, the power of words and empathy, changing our markers of success and growth, and learning to embrace our vulnerability and celebrate every aspect of our journey. Plus, Sara shares her journey with entrepreneurship, her someday dream that became Constellation & Co., the impact her business has had on her life, joy in her life, and so much more!

Bringing Business to Retail Podcast - We chat about:

  • New opportunities that have come from changing direction

  • Why reinvention should be a constant activity

  • The importance of connecting with people who understand

  • How running a business impacts on mental health

  • How mental health impacts on your business

  • Why building a customer base at the expense of your own value and worth is one of the most damaging things you can do”
    Released June 2019.

The Dream Achieve Podcast with Hannah Ashton - Mental Health & Entrepreneurship - Released June 2019.

A Coffee With Makers - “Sara of Constellation & Co. is celebrating 10 years of her business this year and shared so much of what her life is like as a maker, what it has been like having a creative business, and some exciting plans for the future.” Released May 2019.

Creative Biz Rebellion - “Mental Health is something that is rarely talked about, especially as it relates to running a business. Enter Sara McNally. Sara has a brick & mortar shop in Seattle and is on the show today sharing her own experience with anxiety while running her business. This is a candid conversation full of wisdom and honesty about a topic we feel needs to be highlighted more.” Released May 2019.

Dear Handmade Life - “Today on the Dear Handmade Life podcast I’m talking to Sara McNally, the owner of Constellation & Co about mental health, creatives and business. I chat with Sara about her struggle to be honest about her anxiety and how her cards are a part of that, we share some of our go-to coping skills and we also talk about some general business stuff like the importance of knowing and staying true to yourself, how saying yes and no to opportunities evolves over times and setting boundaries.” Released April 2019.

Creatives Crushing Anxiety - “This episode was one of my all-time favorite to record. Sara was so open about her own experiences with loss and anxiety.

In this episode:

  • The need she feels in the marketplace that inspired her cards.

  • How to find the words when there aren’t any.

  • The way she lets her personal life inspire what she creates.

  • How working for yourself stretches you and can also trigger you.

  • Why she started a YouTube channel.

  • How anxiety can isolate you and why it’s important to realize your feelings aren’t a burden to the people who love you.

  • Why you need to check in with yourself and ask for what you need.”
    Released April 2019.

Side Hustlers with Carla Marie - “Carla Marie talks to Sara McNally, the creator of Constellation & Co., a snail mail company! Sara creates greeting cards for life's REAL moments. Her story on HATING her day job is eerily relatable for most!” Released March 2019.

Crafty Ass Female - “Sara shares her creative backstory from going to school for graphic design, designing greeting cards from home, working “terrible ad-agency jobs”, doing a letterpress printing internship, to falling into owning her business. Sara feels like her superpower is brevity + efficiency, and talks about the complexity of her designs is in their simplicity. Brilliant! She also talks about the abundance mindset vs. the scarcity mindset, ‘pruning back’ different aspects of her business, needing to learn how to delegate tasks to her team, + standing behind her business decisions.” Released February 2019.

Art Supply Posse - Snail mail, letterpress printing, and writing in both the bad and the good times. Released February 2019.

The Postcardist Podcast - Postcards, snail mail & typewriters.
Released September 2018.

Let’s Talk About It with Taylor Nolan - Greeting cards & mental health, infertility, sexual assault. Released October 2018.

Proof to Product - Starting & running a product based business.
Released May 2017.