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What We Do

Constellation & Co. is a letterpress greeting card company that uses the power of words and the magic of snail mail to connect people and make us all feel less alone. Our brick & mortar stationery shop and studio is home to antique printing presses, unique gift items, cards that will make you laugh &/or cry, and great conversations with people who totally get it. C&Co. is owned by me, Sara McNally. Each one of our cards and stationery gifts are printed, packaged, and sent on their way from our beautiful studio in the historic Seattle Fishermen’s Terminal.

Our line of cards and gifts are inspired by the events and occasions in life that are made sweet by close, honest relationships. Weddings, holidays, etc. are important to us because of the people we share them with. Those people make life’s hardest times survivable as well. Our work as Constellation & Co. is built for sharing joy and holding our loved ones close in the middle of pain. The many lived experiences of our team—infertility, cancer, new beginnings, sudden grief, weddings, babies born and adopted, saying goodbyes and getting to know each other better. These shared moments in our lives make our line about more than just paper, but about people.

I write cards for feelings that are too big for a card. I write cards for the situations that are too complicated for words. I strive to put words to the love that brings color to our life. I write cards for exactly you, and exactly how goofy or awkward or sincere you feel today. I use typography, ink, paper, and pressure to say the things that shouldn’t go unsaid. I have a lot of things to say. I gather up all those words and present them to the world (and to you) as something to slip into an envelope and put in the mail. It’s both as simple and complex as that. The complexity of being a human, impressed upon a simple folded sheet of paper. I want to make you laugh. I want to make you feel known. I want to help you share love. If your relationships grow because you sent a card, my purpose is fulfilled. 

This thing really is my dream. From recession unemployment blues, to my first studio, to buying and refurbishing my first press, to our first wholesale catalog, to our first trade show, to becoming a mom, to opening our brick & mortar shop, to today. I’m living the dream I’d saved for someday, right now. I hope you’ll order some cards and invite us into your life. I truly believe we’re all better when we’re working together. But beyond words on paper, I want most of all to share a moment of gratitude with you. Every hard fought, beautiful, complicated, challenging, and delightful day of this life is a gift. I hope your today is beautiful.

For a lighthearted view into my daily life as Snail Mail Superstar, check out our YouTube channel!


No, but what exactly do you do?

We are a letterpress stationery company and gift shop! Our line of unique greeting cards and paper gift items is designed and printed in house and is sold both retail and wholesale. We have a storefront space in sunny Seattle, Washington that is home to our letterpress print shop, office and gift shop. Our time is primarily spent designing new products, letterpress printing, fulfilling orders, and greeting customers at the shop. For more info about what we carry in the shop, check out our brands page.

We occasionally take on custom design & printing clients, but we are not a job printing company. If you have a project that needs both custom graphic design and letterpress printing, e-mail us the details of your project and we can work on a quote. (Please be aware that our schedule requires a 6-8 week turnaround time for custom work.) If you're in Seattle and just need a great printer referral, head over to Evolution Press. If you're not in Seattle, check out Inker Linker for printer suggestions near you!


If you are a retail shop interested in placing a wholesale order, head over to our wholesale page and fill out the application form. We'll get back to you with easy ordering info lickety split! 


We strongly believe that the best part of owning a business is the opportunities it creates to work with other creative people! We love to collaborate with other small businesses to create products, experiences and relationships. Our collaborations with Seattle Seed Co., Treehouse Point, and the Paramount Theater have produced beautiful products that neither business could create alone. We also customize several of our products for our wholesale customers! If you’re interested in collaborating, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.


A video tour of our brick & mortar shop

A tour of our beautiful location at Fishermen’s Terminal