Cards to show support

Man, that's rough. We've been there and we just want to help you say what you can. Sometimes there aren't words enough, but we've crammed as many on our cards as need be to get the right feelings across.We've left some space inside for your heartfelt words, too, so don't worry. We'd just like you to know we're in your corner. See more!

Cards for birthdays

Happy Birthday! To whomever it may concern, that is. Tell your special birthday person about that confetti card you ALMOST bought, share how much you love their life, or let them know you wanted to send something... and just completely forgot. Oops! Just don't tell them they're old. Shhhh. We've got a card for that, too. See more!

Cards for your favorites

You know how much you love those tacos? We've got a greeting card for that. And coffee, and tea, and fountain pens, and donuts... Just lots of them! You'll have to trust us. Share how much more you love your favorite people than your favorite things with these witty cards. See more!


As big fans of snail mail, we know that a good postcard should not be overlooked. Small words of support, nautical flags, PNW favorites and more found here. See more!

Cards for Love & weddings

Ah, it's in the air. It's annoying and obnoxious, lovely and splendored... likely unavoidable. If you've been hit with the love bug, we've got lovely cards to share the sickness... er, sentiment. Whether a first crush, an imminent marriage, or simply a "hey, nice butt", we've got you covered, love bird. See more!

Cards for your friends

There are the people you are born to and then there are the peope you choose. Friends make us better people and they deal with a lot of our nonsense, so why not share some special love with them in a card? Show your favorite friends some thanks for putting up with those weird, or just plain awful times. They may not know how much they mean to you until you do. See more!

Cards for celebrations

They did the thing! Finally graduating college? Birthing those twins that you just want to cuddle? Maybe they conquered their fear of bugs. We don't judge. Whatever the occasion, we'd love to celebrate alongside you with sweet (or snarky) words from our greeting cards. See more!

All things snail mail

SNAIL MAIL! It's the most wonderful thing. Well, we like to think it's rather special. Fill your friends' mailboxes with snail mail instead of that silly electronic stuff; they get too much of that anyway. Long distance sentiments and representative pins all found here. See more!

All things pacific northwest

Oh, the great outdoors. The great PNW. The great city of Seattle. We live here, work here, play here and we love it. Whether you're a faraway fan of this lovely region or a longtime, live-action adventurer nearby, share your love of the Pacific Northwest with our cards. See more!

it’s beginning to look a lot like… insert seasonal items here.

Tis the season for good snail mail, fa la la la la la la la la! We've got sweet Mother's Day cards, hilarious holiday sentiments, and more! Share your favorite seasonal snail mail with loved ones far and near. See more!

patches, pins & other gift items

It's time to celebrate! Show your share of flair with a patch or a pin to represent your favorites. Whether you're a new dog owner, snail mail superstar, or the proud purchaser of a new home... it's time to share it with the world. See more!


Do you work for yourself and can't seem to leave your PJs all day? Are you weirded out by your cats obession with your laptop? Are you crying about credit card debt? Well, we can't fix your problems, but we can help you write about them. Take a look at our rad notepads for the wonderers of life's everyday mysteries. See more!

sale cards

Discounts! Get your hot discounts. See more!