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Public Service Announcement

The letterpress revival has been thriving in Seattle for some time - but there are definitely parts of the country that haven't experienced it.

Recently, my family took a road trip through the south, on an antiquing expedition. After asking around in lots of small towns about printing presses and printer's blocks, my family was given the number of a gentleman who was a retired printer. They called him up and asked about his printing supplies, and specifically his collection of wood type. The gentleman was shocked that anyone would be interested in letterpress things - and told them that he threw away his large collection of wood type years ago!

It breaks my heart to think about all of that history and craftsmanship thrown out with the trash. Here's a public service announcement: If you or anyone you know (uncles, grandparents, elderly friends) were a printer and have wood type, printing presses, or printer's blocks - PLEASE contact me, and I will purchase them from you, or find someone who will. These items are valuable and important - historically, and monetarily. Please don't throw them away!