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A Funny Story & Unexpected Gift

Last week, we were given a type cabinet.

Now, I've been looking for a type cabinet to purchase for some time - and they don't come up particularly often. When they do, they tend to be one of two things: 1) in terrible shape - filthy, broken, missing parts, etc. or 2) ungodly expensive. Until last week, we'd pretty much resigned ourselves to a shop without a type cabinet and a workflow of setting type in an unorthodox and inconvenient manner.


But last week, a gentleman who had attended our 57 Biscayne grand opening gave Jane (our lovely landlady) a call. He'd been driving that day and spotted a lady wheeling a type cabinet out to the curb. He remembered us, and called Jane. The lady had this type cabinet in her home (it had been there for several owners, apparently), and was concerned about being around an object that had once contained lead. She was convinced that being in the same room with the type cabinet made her feel ill. Her solution? Wheel it out to the curb. I'd love to see the garbage men try to throw that hunk of steel in the back of their truck. (NO WAIT, I wouldn't love to see that!)

Sidebar: Lead isn't good for you. I concede that fact. But unless she was licking the interior of the case or using it to store food, there's no chance it could have affected her. However, I'm okay with it, because now this lovely type cabinet lives with us and holds type again! But seriously, don't eat lead. Because it will make you go crazy/kill you.


This wonderful gentleman loaded up the type cabinet into his truck and delivered it to us. We all lugged it up the stairs (darn you stairs!), and later rearranged the studio to give it a place. Since then, I've been enjoying organizing our type in the traditional California Job Case system, and i've been inspired to start setting type again. It just blows my mind that the "letterpress fates" had this great gift for us. It was a really tough week (feeling very overwhelmed, getting behind, and spilling things on my desk), and I really appreciated this unexpected gift.


Jenny came in last week (her last day!) to take these photos of another new configuration of our space. Jenny and her husband Mike headed out on Saturday to live in Portugal for a few months. It's a bittersweet goodbye for sure. Jenny has been such a huge help to us, and will be sorely missed! I am so thankful to call her my friend. Jenny will be writing and sharing photos of her time in Portugal on her personal blog. You should definitely check it out. And also take a look at an adorable photo shoot Jenny & Mike did with Karen K. Wang Photography. They are too cute. Good luck friends, and come back soon!