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Our First SideTour: Reveal the Art of Antique Letterpress Printing

Last weekend we hosted our first official tour/workshop through SideTour! SideTour is an online marketplace for experiences that help you explore your city.

Although SideTour has been active in other cities for some time, they just launched in Seattle last month. We are excited and honored to be one of the first tours offered in our fine city! Our tour/workshop is titled: Reveal the Art of Antique Letterpress Printing. Our very first (and sold out!) tour started with a brief history of printing, from the invention of movable type through the manufacture of our early 1900's iron handpress. After the history lesson, our impressionable students (how punny of me!) rolled up their sleeves and jumped into the world of letterpress to design their own poster with vintage wood type and printer's blocks.


It was super fun to see what they came up with! The photo above shows one of my favorites: "If it's not awesome, we're not doing it!' Once they'd put the finishing touches on their idea, each participant got the chance to print their design on the iron handpress. I really enjoyed seeing the look of joy on each person's face as they saw their image printed for the first time. That feeling never gets old!


If you're here in Seattle, we'd love to print with you at a future tour! You can find more details and sign up on our SideTour page.


Some days, you just need a pep talk. Small business can be a lonely business if you let it. It's easy to get caught up in the hard work and long hours, and forget to let people in.

Sure, I love design and paper and ink and printing. But those are just things. The most rewarding part of my job are the relationships I've built and the people I get to bring into this space. I love having friends, interns, students and family here to share, chat and help out.


A few weeks ago, a class from SPU came to the studio for a tour. It was great to have them here, and great to share the space, our story, and our work with them. Recently, (on just the day I really needed a pep talk) I got this sweet card in the mail. It meant so so much to know that they enjoyed coming here, and were inspired by what they saw. How sweet is this card? I want to hug every one of them.

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