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Hello Summer Interns

This quote from the talk I gave last year for Creative Mornings sums up pretty perfectly why we love having interns. It's SO exciting to see our interns learn about printing & small business and head out into the world to pursue their own passions.

It's hugely encouraging for us, and beneficial for them. I remember too clearly what it was like to be in school (or newly graduated) and trying to get a foot in the door. We love being that door. It's an investment in people and an investment in our industry. And we are super blessed to have really talented people want to work with us! Without further ado, i'll let our summer trio introduce themselves!


Hi there! My name is Sarah and I'm a Graphic Design major at Cornish College of the Arts. I studied previously at Santa Barbara City College and transfered to Cornish to finally fill my longing for Northwest weather, outdoors and city life. There's no better place to be creative than in a rainy city (and the conveniently accessible wilderness areas all around Seattle!). Most of my hobbies and interests play into my design work: hiking, camping, reading (currently finishing "Seven Years in Tibet", by Heinrich Harrer), book binding, illustrating, and, my personal favorite, collaging. I like to try to keep my mind open to different possibilities in design, and the best inspiration for me is nature. Printmaking and type-setting seem to be the perfect middle ground for the graphic designer who is an artist at heart. I never could decide what title really fits best for me. I'm greatly appreciative of this opportunity to work with Constellation Co., and can't wait to get started! As a side-note, I recently adopted an adorable 7 week old Jack Russell Terrier named Arrow, who sleeps almost all the time and melts my heart. Pretty much overrides my other hobbies for the time being! (You can follow along with Sarah's internship on her blog!)

Hi, my name is Sam! I am a student at Cornish College of the Arts entering my Junior year. I love any design work made by hand, including hand lettering and letterpress (of course)! I love the outdoors and I'm a northwestern girl at heart. When I've got free time I explore quirky Seattle shops, bike, read, cook, and try to find houseplants to add to my collection. I love design that has an element of handwork and I feel like Constellation & Co is the perfect place to learn about how to work with clients and incorporate printing techniques into the actual design process.  I am super excited to work with the other interns (Sarah and Lyndsey are going to be great!)  and Constellation crew to create some beautiful client work and hopefully learn about a small business. There is so much for me to learn this summer and I am so excited about it! (You can follow along with Sam's internship on her blog!)

Hi there! My name is Lyndsey. I'm a senior studying graphic design at RISD and have one semester left until graduation. The Seattle area is home to me and I can't wait to move back permanently. I'm an internet and TV addict; but then again, who isn't nowadays? I love to learn new techniques in design and letterpress is something that has really stood out to me. There's nothing like designing with your hands, especially when you are used to staring at a computer screen all day. I am so stoked to work with Sara and the rest of the team at Constellation & Co! It's going to be a great summer. (You can follow along with Lyndsey's internship on her blog!)