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At Long Last...

It occurred to me while preparing for this month's art walk that we've neglected to show photos of our shop all put together. Just like the process of refurbishing our press, the studio needed a lot of love when we moved in at the beginning of the year.

We scrubbed and painted before we moved the press in, and have spent the last couple of months collecting, decorating, and organizing (when we're not printing, of course). It took us some time to figure out where everything should go, but I think we're finally happy with the results. So at long last, here are some progress photos, and that glorious "taaaa daaaa" moment.


And for a little bit of nonsense - here's me, perched atop my favorite old girl.

Now, back to work! We've got the Urban Craft Uprising coming up in July, and we're nose to the grindstone producing newcards & products for the show. We're also knee deep in wedding season, so we're quite busy. Thankfully, quite busy means lots of new things to show you!

Our next art walk open house will be June 2nd - we'll be just returning from a Memorial Day vacation in Florida, so we'll be happy and tan. Stop by, we'd love to see you!