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Let There Be Shelves!

We've been hard at work these past few weeks, doing projects to make our new studio home. And we've finally got some photos for you!

This is the wall between the office and the print shop in our new space. We decided to take advantage of the divided wall space, and build these two shelving units. We really wanted something that would be a "statement piece," and fit in with all the cast iron and wood that come with the territory of a print shop. We'd previously searched for pre-made shelves or storage solutions, but nothing seemed to fit.


We found a tutorial for a similar shelving piece, and loved the vintage/industrial feel. And so, we launched an epic DIY weekend (that became a week), and forged through blood, sweat, and tears to build these lovelies. We're by no means experts when it comes to carpentry type projects - and this was a big stretch for us. But we're really happy with how they came out.


The initial intention for the shelves was "all storage all the time," but we've been having fun with them instead - lovingly arranging and displaying our favorite things. Their purpose may morph over time (as we have more things to store), but that's the great thing about shelves - they can be whatever you need.


We built our shelving units based on a tutorial by The Brick House. Ours are quite different in size and configuration, so they took some improvisation along the way. The biggest difference is in how the boards are attached. The tutorial suggested drilling holes in the boards for the pipes to go through. The boards that were available to us weren't quite deep enough for that to take place. Instead, we flipped the "spigot" part of the pipes downward, placed the boards on top, and used pipe straps to connect the pipes to the underside of the boards. (You can see this in the photo above.)


All supplies  for the project were purchased from our local Home Depot store (which we visited approx. 100,000 times during this project). Wood: Pine boards stained with Minwax Wood Finish in Dark Walnut (For more info about the staining process, check out Jenny's blog post.) Pipes: Galvanized plumbing pipes spray painted flat black

Photos by our wonderful Fall intern, Jenny Linquist. Visit her internship blog and her photography facebook for more photo magic.