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Then & Now

Brad and I wandered into our favorite Pioneer Square antique store, Fairlook Antiques, on lunch break the other day. We knew better. We knew it was dangerous. But we did it anyway. And, as usual, we walked out with goodies.

We were really excited to find this Seattle postcard (left), showing the view up Cherry Street from 1st Avenue. The first building on the left is our new building! I took this iPhone photo (right) from approximately the same spot. I love seeing how little has changed!


We also picked up this awesome postcard from Sarasota, the city in which Brad and I met, attended our Alma Mater, and got married! The postcard features the Ringling mansion, which is just down the street from the Crosley mansion, where we got married. It was so fun to find it here, 3,000 miles away. Of course, we had to take it home. We'll be returning to Sarasota for the first time since our wedding (two years) in November - it will be so good to see all of our old haunts, and hopefully lots of old friends, too. We have lots of sweet Sarasota memories, and as much as we love Seattle, it's always nice to go home. (And it will still be decently warm in Florida in November... can you say BEACH!?)


According to this site, both cards are from approximately 1915 - 1930, the "White Border" era, when most postcard publishers left a white border around the image to save ink. I'm thinking about estate sale-ing some small frames to cluster these with these and some of my other vintage favorites. They'd be so fun above my desk.