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Interview: E. Smith Mercantile

I know I say this every time, but I'm really excited about this interview! I sent the lovely ladies of E. Smith Mercantile some questions, and Jessie Poole kindly responded. E. Smith really is my happy place.

(You may remember our trunk show in August.) Everything inside is perfectly curated, and they serve coffee in the daytime and cocktails at night in their back bar. I can't overstate how much I love this store and these ladies!

Q: What inspired you to open a retail shop in today's economy?
As a family business, we were very excited about the opportunity to create a space that allowed each of us an outlet for our many interests. We're also so lucky to be participating in a resurgence, if you will, of Pioneer Square business. It's important for us to create a community space and offer services for this great, historic piece of Seattle.

Q: You're a family business through and through. What is it like, working so closely with family?
We've always been very close. The vast majority of the time it's a truly spectacular experience. We've found it helps people feel like they're in our home, they can be comfortable and feel taken care of because they truly are our guests.


Q: What have been your biggest challenges at the shop?
I think like any small business finding the right balance of obsessing over what you do and maintaining your outside interests can often be a challenge. Luckily there's more than one of us so we can all take turns picking up the slack.

Q: What have been your biggest joys?
In the beginning it was watching people's faces the first time they came in. Now people tell us that they want to live there. It's heartwarming and continues to be inspiring to have other people inspired by the space.


Q: Where do you go for inspiration? (Your decor, products, and food/drinks are very obviously inspired!)
Personally, I love my nature time. There's nothing like a weekend in the woods with a fire place and friends. For a quick afternoon pick me up the Pacific Antique Galleries is a wonderful place for inspiration.

Q: What's your favorite place to shop in Seattle? (Other than E. Smith, of course!)
I love to wander through Elliott Bay Books, and while I'm up there, might as well stop into Totokaelo and touch the pretty things, right?

Q: What's your favorite place to eat in Seattle?
We're big fans of the Walrus & the Carpenter. Also wouldn't say no to a dinner at Lark, a brunch at Toulouse Petit, or the entire menu at La Carta de Oaxaca.

Constellation Goes Old School at Klondike Penny's

I have two things for you guys today: 1) an awesome date idea, and 2) some big news!

Klondike Penny's is an awesome old time photo studio a few blocks away from us in Pioneer Square. I've been asking Brad to get old timey photos with me for years, so for my birthday last month he gave me a super sweet "coupon" for a photo adventure! I redeemed my coupon this weekend, and we had so much fun playing dress up in their gold rush era costumes! It was like stepping right into Pioneer Square's past. Can you imagine me operating a printing press in this dress? Too funny.

I would seriously suggest taking your sweetheart over there for some old timey Valentine's Day photos! The folks at Klondike Penny's are super friendly and their costumes are so beautiful. I wanted to wear everything! (Especially the hats!)

Now here's the extra exciting part: the great folks at Klondike Penny's are looking to expand the mercantile section of the shop and have given us the opportunity to join them! Their shop is a such a great fit with the era of our presses and the feel of our products that we've agreed take them up on the offer! A large selection of our products will be available for retail purchase at Klondike Penny's just in time for art walk this coming Thursday. If you're here in Seattle, make sure to come out and buy something for your sweetie!

You + Me =

In honor of today's tender holiday, we have an announcement: We recently designed and produced new additions to our "You & Me" collection, and now they're available to you!

In addition to our original 11x18 print, we now offer two 8x10 prints: on 100% recycled chipboard or Crane's fluorescent white 100% cotton Lettra. We're also excited to announce a 5x7 greeting card version!


We've had lots of requests for a mailable card version, and we're thrilled to finally offer it.

These prints and card are available for wholesale purchase as well. If you're interested in carrying them in your store, e-mail us (wholesale AT and we will send you our most recent catalog.


Some history: I designed the first (and very limited) edition of "You & Me" for a local art show with a love letters theme soon after Brad and I got married. During the design process, I tried for days to think of the right words to say. It was quite a challenge. How does one put into words the kind of love that I've found with my Brad? That long-awaited, unexpected, best friend-become-spouse, always and forever love? After lots of failed flowery attempts - lots of silly, ridiculous tries at cleverness... this simple list is what I came up with. And two years later, those words are even more tried and true today than they were then.

Today, I'm humbled and happy to share that in these last 2 years, hundreds of people have used my words to share love with their someone. This is the epitome of success for me - that my heartfelt words have been shared and cherished - used to bring people closer together. I started this company and continue to work hard to grow it because I love what I do. I believe in the power of the written & printed word in people's lives. Today, and want to give my thanks to everyone who has purchased one of these prints. Thanks for sharing your life with us - we've loved sharing our life with you.

One last thing: I want to thank my sweet Brad for his love, support, and encouragement these last few years. He makes all of this possible, and inspires me to keep going. Babe: You (still!) are patient with me, encourage me, amaze me, mean the world to me, complete me, always impress me, take care of me, surprise me, are home to me, and I adore you.