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What to Listen to While Printing

Doing a long print run is inherently repetitive. Having something great to listen to is a must.

Sam, one of our lovely summer interns, recently asked me what podcasts I listen to. And because i'm crazy pants, I decided to blog about it instead of just tell her. So, here is my "what to listen to while printing" list for summer 2013:

This American Life: Storytelling Radiolab: Science-y storytelling 99% Invisible: Design-y storytelling Nerdist: Nerdy interviews with interesting creative people

Audible: Audiobooks I recently listened to Bossypants by Tina Fey and it was amazing. Must be listened to on audiobook for sure.

Rdio: Music & Comedy I love Rdio's new stations feature! I also love Demetri Martin & the Newsies musical. And making playlists.

We have a Sonos wireless speaker, and really love it. It streams Rdio, Pandora, etc., etc. and it's really handy.

There you have it. What are you listening to right now?