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The Dream

The Dream is a series of 24 letterpress prints sized 5 1/2 inches square. Brad and I designed and printed this series in collaboration, using our collection of wood type and vintage printer's blocks, along with original linoleum carvings.

Each print is one of a kind - only one final print of each piece exists, and each one is signed and framed. It was one of the first major print projects we took on together, and we had so much fun dreaming them up (puns!) and putting them together.


The Dream debuted in March 2011 during first Thursday art walk in the gallery connected to our studio space. Each small piece makes a statement, and we really enjoyed watching the viewers take each one in.


The series' juxtaposition of imagery reflects on the pressures, stereotypes and expectations of the American Dream on modern families. Financial stability, property ownership, political figures, family relationships, and day to day life are juxtaposed with sarcasm to question their influence on our happiness and fulfillment.

Typically, we share new products individually in our online stores - but The Dream is meant to be viewed as a whole. Brad has been hard at work putting together a virtual gallery for The Dream series to live in. Through this online gallery, the remaining prints will be available for purchase, and the whole series will live there for posterity. Make sure to check it out, and let us know what you think!