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Wood Engraving Class - Week 2

Hello friends! I'm about to run off and do Friday night things, but I wanted to show you my wood engraving progress.

I had another lovely morning in Carl's studio - the natural light was lovely as the sun tried to make it's way out from behind the clouds.  I had made some progress on clearing out the white background by hand for my "homework," but today Carl introduced me to the dremel power tool and things went quite quickly from there. It felt like "high stakes" - I might twitch and clear straight through the printing area at any moment! (Thankfully I didn't.) We made a first proof of my engraving today, which will help for clearing out and doing final touch ups. You can tell I made progress today because of all the "chips" in the photo. I think it looks like confetti - which is perfect because it's Friday, and a weekend this badly needed is cause for celebration! It was a crazy week for me. How was your week?

While I go have a glass of wine and unwind, here's a little something for you to do. I would love it if you folks reading the blog would comment - so, the first person to speak up and say hello (or anything for that matter) will receive a free card of their choice from our Etsy store!