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New York City, Here We Come

In a little less than two weeks, Brad and I will be in New York City for the first time!

Brad is attending the Brooklyn Beta conference, so we’re making a week of it. We’re traveling with friends (and their sweet little boy) and staying at an Airbnb apartment in Brooklyn. (I'll then be jumping on a train and heading to DC for Paper Camp, but I'll do another post all about that!) I'm really excited. Not only am I finally visiting THE city, but a few of my childhood dreams are coming true. You see, my entire knowledge of New York is based on what I've learned from musicals.

Sidebar: I've started writing blog posts late at night, so expect an extra level of crazy.

A little backstory: My love for movies and television started at a really young age. My mom and grandma made sure I saw all the classics of the 40's, 50's and 60's - especially the musicals. I believed as a child that life really could be like a musical. I loved to dance and sing and make believe. Some of my earliest memories are asking to see the Disney movie musical Newsies again and again. As a (weird) only child, I liked to pretend that all of the Newsies were my friends and came to Florida to visit me. Newsies still holds a special place in my heart. I listen to the soundtrack often, and I watch it at least once a year. I didn't realize until well into my training as a letterpress printer just how ironic it is that I obsessed 0ver Newsies as a child and went on to obsess over letterpress as an adult. The platen press that "old man Pulitzer never threw away" is very similar to the one I make my living on! I suppose watching Newsies brainwashed me in the best way possible.


A little trip to crazy town: In preparation for finally visiting this dangerous and magical place where people sing and dance and fight the man, I bought myself a Newsie hat. I will be wearing this wonderful Newsie hat as part of "Hatumn," a ridiculous personal challenge I have posed for myself in which I will wear a different hat every day until I run out of hats. Starting on the first day of Fall, I'll be posting daily Instagram photos to show off each hat. I'm also accepting any and all hat donations to keep the hat madness going as long as possible. (Why am I doing this? Because I currently have 18 hats which I don't wear often enough, and the cool fall weather is wonderful and hat inspiring.) Want to join me in celebrating Hatumn? Post your own hat photos on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #hatumn!


Back to talking about New York and musicals: My other favorite NYC themed musical is On the Town! It stars Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and other greats of the era singing, dancing, sight seeing and falling in love in New York. It's everything I love about musicals from the 1950's in 2 hours of glory. However, since my expert knowledge of NYC includes 1) a musical from the 1990's about the 1890's and 2) a musical from the 1950's, i'll probably have a similar experience to Frankie's confusion in this hilarious clip. What do you mean the guys who sell newspapers don't look like Christian Bale at seventeen years old? And where are the dancing sailors?

In reality, while i'm thrilled to be visiting, i'm overwhelmed thinking about it. Seattle felt huge the first time I visited. San Francisco blew my mind in grandeur last summer. New York? I have no idea what i'm in for. When we return, you can expect lots of photos and info about the cool places we've visited. But in the meantime, comment with your suggestions and thoughts! Tell this small town gal your best tips for seeing the big city. I made a list on GoMighty of some things i'd like to see, and i've got a Pinterest board for the trip as well. Feel free to chime in!