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Constellation Collections: Miniatures

Slowly but surely over the last year, we've been collecting miniatures. It wasn't our intention to collect miniatures, but every time we see one, we kind of can't resist.

This old Pepsi crate is the perfect curio cabinet for our army of smalls! And now that there's a designated place in the studio for them, there's an excuse to pick up more when we see them! I don't know what it is... they just make me giggle!


A tiny mailbox, an itty bitty oil can... a duo of bitsy typewriters...


A shrimpy rubber chicken, a 'lil boot, impossibly small dice, diminutive bottles, a teeny dog...


A pint-sized ball of twine, a minuscule bible...


They're all just two darn cute.

Constellation Collections: Oil Cans

Oil cans come in a million shapes and sizes. And we're apparently trying to collect them all - one can at a time. They have such personality, I can't help picking them up when we find a good one.

Plus, they're useful. Yes, there is oil in these oil cans! Isn't the little red one cute? (No - I haven't named them. Yet.) Additionally, when you use them, you can pretend to be Dorothy helping the Tin Man. Oil can!