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Wood Engraving Class: Week 3

Hello friends, here's my weekly wood engraving class update!

I've finished the engraving portion of my anchor print but haven't had a chance to print it yet. It was a busy week with client work, events, etc. This coming week I'll be setting type to go along with the image and getting it printed. I'll be sure to share it with you when it's finished. In the meantime, I started a new engraving during my class time with Carl this week: a sweet baby bear!


Here's the backstory on little bear: In 2009 Brad & I made our epic road trip from Florida to Seattle, and we stopped at every fun tourist destination in the west. Seriously. The best place we came across was a drive through wildlife park called Bear Country USA in South Dakota. All of the animals were awesome, but we spent the most time watching the baby bears play. They were so adorable. We took a bunch of photos and quite a bit of video footage. (You can ask our families about the video montage we sent home...I think it was mostly bears.) I rediscovered this photo I took this past week, and i'm really excited to tackle an engraving his little fuzzy self!


The sun was shining into Carl's home studio and it made for such a beautiful, restful morning!


Carl uses a super handy photo transfer method using a xerox copy, mineral spirits, and a heating tool. It's really helpful for pencil challenged folks like me.