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Ask Sara Anything: Volume 1

I've been asking a lot of the questions lately. As the business grows, my role changes. I've been working on finding my "CEO mode" as our friends over at Aeolidia like to say. It sounds so silly to call myself CEO since we're still a small, intimate business. But in reality, I don't do absolutely everything myself anymore. I have a small but mighty team of incredible people who help me get things done, and it's my job to keep the proverbial ball rolling. It's become vital for me to ask the right questions so that I know where we need to grow. But it has occurred to me that it's also important to have an open door for important (or silly) questions from others.

All of this is a very off-topic way for me to introduce a new blog series: "Ask Sara Anything." I've posed this question to my team, and will answer whatever questions they have. I'd also love to answer your questions! You can e-mail (hello AT, tweet @constellationco or send me snail mail (and I will be your best friend forever). Here's my first set of answers. I look forward to answering your questions next!

Brooke wants to know: 
What is your favorite letter shape?

Curvy ones. S because it's the beginning of my name. & because it's awesome and symbolic. 

Chelsa wants to know:
What's your spirit animal?

Bison. (Although anyone who knew me in college will argue that it's a bird. But Portlandia ruined bird love forever.)

Chelsa wants to know:
What was it that first peaked your interest in letterpress?

Two things:

Meggs' History of Graphic Design & Douglas Higgins' History of Graphic Design course at the Ringling College of Art and Design.

My fortuitous purchase of a $100 Kelsey table top printing press at an antique store in Arcadia, Florida.

Brooke wants to know:
What's your comfort food?

Anything Southern or breakfast. Fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, grits, bacon. French fries. Dark beer. Strong coffee.

Brooke wants to know:
If Elvis were alive today, what would you talk with him about? 

I'd ask him about Johnny Cash.