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David & Micaline's Wedding

Let me start out by saying that we love our David and our Micaline. We were there when they met, we photographed their engagement, and have spent countless evenings in conversation over a bottle of wine.

They're the kind of friends that we don't have to make plans with - we just know that we'll see them, even if its last minute. They're our bestest friends. And we were so happy to be a part of their wedding day, not just in invitations - but standing alongside them as they made their vows. Brad was the best man, I was a bridesmaid, and there were lots of happy tears.


One of the big surprises of the day (for us) was seeing the cake. David & Micaline took a wedding invitation to the bakery, and had them put our monogram book design on the cake! It was so strange and wonderful to see something we designed on a cake.


We also helped them plan & design a few of the day-of print pieces, which is something we really enjoy. As designers & type geeks, it's really gratifying to have a couple see the value of using one designer & one style throughout their wedding pieces. (But they're our friends, so they know what's up.)


For the wedding, Micaline had a new dress, but was missing the old, borrowed, and blue of the traditional saying. In our wedding, I carried a brooch that belonged to my grandmother on my bouquet. My grandma Jean passed away 10 years ago, and wasn't able to be at my wedding. We were really close - she understood me better than I think anyone ever will. It meant a lot to have something of hers with me when I got married - and it meant a lot to be able to lend her brooch to Micaline to carry. We've now spent 2 years of holidays with David & Micaline, and weathered through many seasons of joy and trouble. We live 2,000 miles from our families of birth, but the two of them have become family to us here in Seattle. It was sweet to share a family tradition with them on their wedding day.


So here's a proverbial raised glass to David & Micaline. You could not be sweeter or dearer to us.


Wedding Invitation Design & Photos by Constellation & Co.
Wedding Day Photos by Kate Price Photography
Reception Location: Shilshole Bay Beach Club
Cake by Morfey's Cakes

Our Constellation Wedding

Brad and I were married one year ago, on September 6, 2009. We loved planning our wedding together- which may be why we love being a part of other people's weddings! It's such a special time of excitement and anticipation - we can't help but enjoy it!

Our wedding took place in Sarasota, Florida at the historic Powel Crosley Estate. Our photos were taken by the fabulous duo of Mandy & Me, our flowers were artfully arranged by Sarasota Enchanted Flowers, and our lovely and scrumptious cupcakes were by the Wired Whisk Bakehouse.

These are a few of our favorite wedding details.

(Photo above) My dress by Casablanca Bridal, and the wooden dowel cupcake toppers - hand painted by myself in a fit of crazed creativity a few nights before the wedding.

The Crosley mansion on a very warm September afternoon.

The Crosley mansion on a very warm September afternoon.

Cupcakes in vanilla, chocolate, and swirl!

Cupcakes in vanilla, chocolate, and swirl!


Tequila provided by my hooligan uncles, our flower arrangements (all were in different vintage milk glass vases), and homemade white chocolate snack mix made by Brad's mom!


Table settings lovingly set by family members before the wedding - my parents own an equipment rental business, Punta Gorda Rent-All, and the whole family came together to get the mansion ready. It's one of my favorite memories from that day, seeing everyone together in one place, working for a common goal. I felt (and feel) very loved.


Our first dance - Little Trips to Heaven by Tom Waits

I don't need to take no trip to outer space All I have to do is look at your face And before I know it I'm in orbit around you I thank my lucky stars that I found you When I see your constellation, you're my inspiration And it's you...