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Cosmic Sans

Something magical happened on Twitter today. A nerdy joke that my husband has been snickering about for awhile was released into the wild, and it grew wings.

So here's the idea: Cosmic Sans, a series of 26 sci-fi and/or space themed letterforms, designed by 26 designers. Each letterform must be inspired by "the cosmic" and a riff on Comic Sans. ("Riff" here meaning it must be sans serif, and in some way traceable back to Comic Sans, but NOT ugly. Points for good design.) Each designer will produce a letterform, and a 12" x 12" art piece featuring the letterform. All 26 pieces will be printed (handmade printing methods encouraged, but not required), hung in a Seattle gallery show, and showcased in an online gallery for posterity.

Are you cosmic enough to join? (Please do!) Comments on this blog post will be the official registration for the series. Include your name, portfolio site (so we can get to know you), and which letter you'd like to do. Open to all, but we will jury the final 26 pieces for the show (if we get a crazy turnout). Are you excited? We are!

Due date and additional info on the gallery show when we have all 26 letters accounted for!

I'm Finally Pinterested.

Somehow I missed finding out about Pinterest until recently. (I suppose I knew it existed, but was avoiding what could be a potential time bandit.) Since signing up, i've definitely lost hours to pinning and searching for things to pin - but they've been really enjoyable, inspirational hours.

It's a great tool for aggregating the cream of the crop from my large list of online inspiration tools. (To name a few: Google Reader, Svpply, shared links on Twitter, etc.) And now that they've launched an iPhone app, (just in time, as I mentioned a desire for one just a few days prior to the announcement!) I can pin things that I see in the "real world" as well. (A few examples: products seen in stores, images/type from books, signage, etc.) Here's where you can find my pinboards - I hope you enjoy browsing them as much as i'm enjoying putting them together!

Here are a few items from across my various pinboards, brought together by the color of sunshine (which has just started showing its face in Seattle).