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Glasses, Now 100% More Awesome.

I want to sit down and have a talk about glasses. (I'm feeling silly today, so this may be more dramatic than usual - but seriously, read the whole thing. There's a COUPON at the end!)

I went to the eye doctor for the first time in third grade. I'd been getting a lot of headaches, and it turned out that I had astigmatism in one eye. Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but it meant that I needed to wear glasses. I was really excited about getting glasses. But I quickly realized that being a bossy, know-it-all kid with huge glasses (and later braces) gave me the distinct pleasure of being a NERD.

I wore some pretty horrible glasses for five years, and then in 8th grade I got contacts. Oh, contacts! The quick solution in every bad makeover movie for turning a nerdy girl into a hot chick. My contacts were uncomfortable at times and not always great for my vision. But it was clear in popular culture (and in my own personal experience) that pretty girls don't wear glasses. I'd rush home at the end of the day and take them out, replacing them with some ugly glasses that I only wore at home. In my glasses' defense, they were the best ones the eye doctor's office had in my price range. (Getting glasses from the eye doctor is EXPENSIVE!)

I went through high school, college, and a few years of my career wearing only contacts. I just didn't feel like I had any options. But then, the internet! (Huzzah!) I did my first online try-on, bought a new pair of glasses, and get this... I WORE them. All the time! And I got compliments! It didn't break the bank, I could actually see well, I was comfortable, and I felt good about myself. This first positive glasses experience really got me thinking. Why do I only have one pair of glasses?


I'd seen Rivet & Sway's name floating around the blogosphere and their frames were very cute, so I ordered a few pairs to try on. Later that day, I heard a knock at my studio door. It was two of Rivet & Sway's team members, dropping off my order! I had NO idea that not only is Rivet & Sway located in Seattle, their office is less than 3 blocks away. We're neighbors! My jaw hit the floor. It meant so much to me that they saw my address and took the time to walk over and introduce themselves.

AND THEN I opened the package. I have never seen a company put this much thought an energy into every part of their packaging and customer experience. It felt really special to open the box, see the kick-arse artwork, and try on 3 super gorgeous frames. (I ended up buying two of them!) Rivet & Sway has created a line of glasses that are beautifully designed and function like accessories. They're way more like jewelry than corrective eyewear! I get up every morning and pick out my outfit, jewelry and which pair of glasses I want to wear. I work a really messy job, so I don't get to dress up very often. But with my sassy new glasses, I feel 100% more put together when leaving the house. Why shouldn't my glasses be as colorful as my personality? There's really no reason.

I have had a wonderful experience with Rivet & Sway, and i've blabbed about them so darn much to my friends & clients that they've asked me to be an official brand ambassador! It's not something I ever considered before, but I am more than happy to continue to support and talk about this amazing company - especially since they are our neighbors here in Pioneer Square!

Do yourself a favor and head over to Rivet & Sway's site, and order your own try-on package. It's easy, it's FREE, and it will feel like Christmas. Their frames (with lens included) are really reasonably priced, and they're all SO fun. I want a pair for every day of the week! And when you go to purchase your gorgeous new glasses, use the coupon code SARA-RIVETS for $25 off your order! (The coupon will expire, so don't wait too long!)

We're Fab, too!

We're big fans of Fab (as you can tell from our gushy blog entry a few weeks ago). So, we're proud and excited to announce that we'll be a featured seller on Fab this coming week, September 20-23! (We're super excited. Seriously.)

We'll be offering two of our letterpress art prints and several of our boxed card sets at a huge savings! Make sure you check out the sale and stock up!

If you still haven’t heard: is “design online.” The website offers daily design inspirations and sales 70% off retail. Membership is free but by invitation only. Members receive exclusive access to daily curated design sales featuring the world’s leading designers and manufacturers. And you can join by clicking here! is Fabtastic

We looooove Fab!  Brad and I eagerly check the new deals every morning, and we've ordered several wonderful items at really great prices. This color wheel necklace from Yellow Owl Workshop came in the mail recently. It's gorgeous, well made, and it's packaging is just too darn cute. (That's our cat Scout's paw of approval.)

If you haven't heard: is "design online." The website offers daily design inspirations and sales 70% off retail. Membership is free but by invitation only. Members receive exclusive access to daily curated design sales featuring the world's leading designers and manufacturers.

Consider this your official invite! It's really worth a look - hardly a day goes by without them offering something we "can't live without!"

Urban Craft Uprising Vendors

We loved browsing the Urban Craft Uprising. Our fellow vendors were super talented, and offering such exciting things! Here are a few of our favorites.

Heather of Material and Movement makes beautiful jewelry from recycled vintage china. Her pieces are beyond beautiful, and definitely on my wish list.

Alexa of Foamy Wader has delicate and fun jewelry. This axe necklace has me written all over it. I visited it several times throughout the show - too bad my birthday isn't coming up!

Mary Kate McDevitt is an illustrator & hand lettering artist from Portland. We fell in love with her chalkboards and art prints. I was super thrilled to do a trade with her at the end of the show - she went home with one of our Wood Type Calendars, and we were super excited to go home with one of her Abe Lincoln prints! Couldn't be more up my alley.

Robyn of Pepperjack Home was our next door booth neighbor, and we loved her fun and useful home goods. After hearing about their many uses for two days, I was totally sold on her Wetbags - they are so cool, and would be so handy with kids! We were excited to do a trade with her and the end of the show - Robyn headed home with a set of our new Recipe Cards, and I was able to give one of her gorgeous aprons to my friend Holly as a thank you gift for spending the weekend supporting us. Yay!

The ladies from This Charming Candy did a sweet write up about us on their blog, so it was really sweet to meet them in person. We also really enjoyed their lollipops! They have a wonderful flavor selection, and they last a really long time!

We had a really wonderful weekend, and there were way too many great vendors to mention here! We'll definitely be applying for the winter show - and if you missed this one, put the next one on your calendar now!

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Recently I helped a friend send out wedding invitations for her sister. Her husband did the design as a gift, we did the printing, and my friend (as maid of honor) took on the task of addressing and sending out the invitations. We took a trip to the post office to pick up stamps, and found that the options were dismal.

Stops at 3 post offices revealed that Evergreens are nearly the only thing kept in stock in the Pacific Northwest. This outing also brought back memories of our own wedding invite stamp dilemma - we sent postcards for save the dates and response cards, and the only postcard stamps we could find were polar bears. Polar bears just didn't match our theme.

We carefully craft each element of the wedding invitations we design & print. Paper, envelopes, ink colors, string, etc., are all chosen with unity in mind. However, when we hand off the finished pieces (typically wrapped in brown paper and tied with coordinating ribbon or string), we're leaving stamp choice up to the couple. And until now, we hadn't really thought about it.

If you've had the same stamp woes, don't be daunted by the depressing options at your local post office. If you're not interested in the traditional rings, roses, or cake, fear not! Here's the good stuff.


Love: King and Queen of Hearts, available online and in some post office locations. (Call ahead to check if your post office carries this option.) Also from the USPS, check out these fun options: Celebrate!, Garden of Love, and Herbs


Recently we discovered Champion Stamp, an online shop based in NYC that sells uncancelled vintage stamps. These stamps have never gone through the mail, so can still be used as valid US postage. If you can't find a modern stamp option to suit your correspondance, why not group several vintage stamps together? This is especially effective for postcards, since they require so much less postage. We placed a stamp order a few weeks ago (we've got exciting things planned for them), and photographed some of our favorite combinations & ideas.

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