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2017 Highlights
Our brand new " New Year's Blessing " card is available in the shop and online now!

Our brand new "New Year's Blessing" card is available in the shop and online now!

Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for supporting our little shop in 2017. You make our dreams come true. Before we march forward into the New Year, I'd like to share with you some highlights from the past 12 months.

In 2017, we...

  • Launched our Constellation & Co. Card Club subscription service
  • Started hosting Hand Lettering Workshops with Songbird Paperie
  • Sponsored an adult pub league soccer team that Sara played in
  • Became the first Sailor Pen stockist in WA state
  • Launched our Empathy, Kindness, Respect shirt with Cotton Bureau and raised over $3k for refugee aid
  • Hired our incredible new shop manager, Melissa
  • Celebrated with our talented letterpress printer, Brooke, as she graduated with a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology
  • Welcomed new team members Brie, Lara and Beth
  • Hosted an awesome winter intern, Bryn
  • Sent off our beloved Meredith to pursue her photography career full time
  • Hosted a Pop-Up Shop with Gingiber
  • Listened to Sara talk about stationery business on the Proof to Product podcast
  • Sent Sara to Paper Camp+ and then made about 1,000,000 systems changes to the business and shop
  • Had our best craft fair weekend ever at the winter Renegade Craft Fair
  • Designed and printed quite a few new products, including: 37 cards, 8 notepads, and 2 enamel pins!

Conviction, Craftsmanship, Community

As a small business and as members of the community, we feel a serious responsibility to give back and support others. With your help, we donated over $4k in 2017! When you shop with us, your purchases make a difference. Here are the organizations and causes we supported in 2017.

Small Business Saturday 2017

Join us on Saturday, November 25 to shop small and celebrate the magic of small business!
We're so excited to celebrate with you! Here's what we have planned:

Open extended hours: 10am to 6pm!

Free stationery gift bag for everyone who stops by (as supplies last)!

10% Small Business Saturday discount for all in shop purchases!

Launch of our donation drive to benefit Treehouse
From Small Business Saturday until Christmas, we'll be accepting donations of new, warm shoes and socks for foster kids in Seattle. We'll be chipping in donations as well, so every purchase you make this holiday season will do some extra good! 

Unveiling of our new holiday window display!

Holiday snacks!

500 Words About: Daffodils

There are two tiny daffodil plants on either side of my house's front steps. I didn't plant them there, but I know they're just for me. Daffodils are my favorite flowers. I love their cheerful sunny color, their unique shape, and the perfect timing of their appearance. 

I didn't grow up with daffodils. Or Springtime, for that matter. My birthplace in Florida has approximately two seasons: Summer and slightly cooler Summer. The first Spring I spent in Seattle took me by surprise. After months of rain, cold, and gray, I felt like Summer would never return. Summer in Seattle is not like Summer in Florida. In Florida, you bake and burn in the sun. You sweat and stink and lose all energy in the oppressive heat. Summer in Seattle is heaven. You reach out for the sun and soak it in. You unapologetically use every excuse to be outside. You linger on the front steps. You find new ways to experience and celebrate the beautiful weather.

Winter in Seattle drags on a bit. Towards the end of February I forget warmth and brightness and get a little glum. And then... daffodils. They spring out of the earth as bright green stalks that look alien in their somber surroundings. The cold, dead earth produces a cheeky surprise. My first year in Seattle I didn't know what was coming next, so the explosion of yellow blooms felt like a true miracle. After seven Spring seasons in Seattle, I eagerly await the coming of the daffodils as a sign of hope. Every year, the daffodils bloom exactly when I need them most. When life feels most difficult and when hope seems most impossible, that's when they show up. My beautiful daffodils split their stalks, shake open their yellow petals and point their happy faces at the sun. 

Unlike more pretentious flowers, daffodils pop up all over the place so that I can enjoy them wherever I go. They're also quite inexpensive, allowing my sweet husband to surprise me with them many times throughout the season. There's nothing happier around the house than a vase full of daffodils. If you're willing to make the drive out to La Conner, you can even see fields of daffodils. The vast quantity astounds and delights me.

When I was a child in Florida, I felt like something was always missing. I was taught about the change of seasons, but I never experienced them for myself. After moving to Seattle as an adult, the arrival of fall leaves, daffodils and snowflakes in my life felt like truly coming home. I assumed that my childlike wonder about every detail would wear off - but it hasn't yet. In an adult world with very little wonder, the seasons give us true magic. Everything dies. And then, when you most need it to, everything springs to life again.

The daffodils in my yard haven't bloomed yet, but they're about to. I can see their sweet yellow petals beginning to poke out of their stalks from my window as I write this. Welcome, friends. I've missed you.

Two famous poems perfectly encapsulate my love of daffodils. I'll share them here:

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
by William Wordsworth

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills, 
When all at once I saw a crowd, 
A host, of golden daffodils; 
Beside the lake, beneath the trees, 
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. 

Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way, 
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay: 
Ten thousand saw I at a glance, 
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance. 

The waves beside them danced; but they
Out-did the sparkling waves in glee: 
A poet could not but be gay, 
In such a jocund company: 
I gazed—and gazed—but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought: 

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood, 
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude; 
And then my heart with pleasure fills, 
And dances with the daffodils. 

by A.A. Milne

She wore her yellow sun-bonnet,
She wore her greenest gown;
She turned to the south wind
And curtsied up and down.
She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbour:
"Winter is dead."

Happy Vday 2013!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! We've sent out lots and lots of You & Me prints this year, and I hope each and every one of you enjoy the words of love your sweetie picked out for you! Just in time for Vday shopping, we launched several new options on our Etsy store:

[New You & Me prints on Crane's 100% Cotton Lettra paper, both in Black InkRed Ink]


New You & Me prints on 100% Recycled Kraft Paper in Bold Red Ink

Didn't get one ordered in time? Never fear! Our friends over at Klondike Penny's have the full collection available for purchase and will be open today from 12:30 - 9 pm!


Sealed with Love Forever Stamps (By Graphic designer Louise Fili, Art director Derry Noyes, & Illustrator Jessica Hische)

Also just in time for Vday, the United States Postal Service launched these lovely new stamps! I've been really impressed with the ole' USPS lately. This year's new stamps are really wonderful. But with the recent announcement about no mail service on Saturday, I've been laying awake at night thinking about a world without stamps. A world where everything is shipped with a bar code. It's not a world i'm excited about, but likely a world I'll live to see. What's a love letter without the perfect stamp? Cue Sara's inevitable hoarding of USPS ephemera...

New Blogaway: (Blog giveaway!) What's your favorite new stamp? OR  What thoughtful thing did your sweetie do for Vday? The author of my favorite comment today will receive: Option 1) a bundle of our blank letterpress postcards and a selection of fun stamps! OR Option 2) Their choice of 1 item from our You & Me Series!

Happy Birthday Abraham

Today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday, a day that I really like to celebrate!

In honor of what would have been his 204th birthday (if he was zombie Lincoln), here are some Abe related links & quotes that are pertinent to daily life:

Never let your correspondence fall behind. -A. Lincoln

Keep your correspondence up to date with our Abe is a Babe or Epic Abe card, and one of these rad new Emancipation Proclamation stamps by the United States Postal Service!


Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today. -A. Lincoln

Today i'm going to finally watch the Lincoln movie. Brad & I have been so busy these past few years that we tend to catch new movies on Red Box instead of in the theater. But no more waiting Abe, I promise! We watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter during my birthday week and it was a-maz-ing! I'm pretty sure i'll be disappointed by the Lincoln movie's lack of cheesy fight scenes on horseback, but i'll give it a try anyway. (It really was a giant cheese fest, but I enjoyed the heck out of it.)


The better part of one's life consists of his friendships. -A. Lincoln

I'm glad you're reading, friends! Let's keep the giveaways coming. Comment with your favorite Abe quote, and i'll pick my 3 favorites to receive a free Abe is a Babe mini card!

Happy Lincoln Day!

Today is Abraham Lincoln's 203rd birthday! We're big Abe fans over here at Constellation & Co. So in honor of the big guy's big day, here are a few Lincoln themed activities for your celebration and enjoyment.

Send a fellow Lincoln-lover our "Abe's a Babe" mini card (better late than never!), Buy some Abe swag from this Abe Treasury on Etsy, Listen out this great song by Sufjan Stevens that mentions our favorite 16th president and his epic "great emancipator"-ness, Or listen to this mediocre and slightly bizarre song that is actually about Abe Lincoln's Birthday... And while we're at it, here's a Civil War era song about how Jeff Davis tore down the government and Abe built a better one...

(We found the printer's block above awhile back, and absolutely had to bring it home with us. I would most certainly shop there.)

SeasonalSara McNallyComment

A few weeks ago, I blogged about our "first day of fall" party, and I wanted to follow up with some info about how our baking & crafts went!

I wanted a fall wreath for our front door, since this is our first season with an actual (non-apartment) front door. But I wanted it to be somewhat year-round friendly - less pressure for other new wreaths! Although, after making this one, I'm ready to make more. This one took me just the afternoon to make, and it was so fun! I originally saw this type of wreath here, and used this tutorial to make the flowers. I liked this yellow (been digging it lately - just made a scarf in this color too),  but wanted to break it up with some cream. I made several different types of flowers, and switched up the size as well. I'm really happy with how it came out, and it makes our front door so cozy!


We also made the pumpkin scones from my Fall Pinterest board, and they were DELICIOUS. I've been dreaming about them ever since. You can find the recipe here. Fall success!

A Constellation Summer

Hey Everybody, my name is Sarah and I've been interning at Constellation & Co. all summer long. I am a graphic design student at Ringling College of Art + Design, which is how I know Sara and Brad. They were graduating while I entered the school!

I had contacted Constellation because I was interested in branding and I love working with typography, and Constellation has done a lot of beautiful work that I am impressed by. I have never had an internship before nor have I done much "real world" client work before either, so I was really excited to work for a studio and dip into the creative world.

The first day of my internship I was introduced to the studio, a small space in a beautiful but very old building in Seattle.  The studio is very cool, with prints lining the walls, cans of paint stacked in the corner and a very old antique letterpress in the middle of the room. I have seen letterpress done before but never really understood the beauty of it before coming here.  I, personally, am not a big print designer as I tend to leans more towards working digitally. But who doesn't love beautifully printed things? I got the opportunity to observe the printing process and learn about the tricks and techniques to printing.  I quickly learned that designing for letterpress is different then my usual style of designing.  I had to learn the limitations such as certain colors of ink printing on certain papers. This is not something they teach us in school, which is unfortunate because all designers will eventually have to work with printers. I am glad that I understand at least the beginning of it now.

Sarah's "Portland" Wedding Suite

Sarah's "Portland" Wedding Suite

As soon as I started at Constellation, we already had two branding clients. I was so excited to jump into this as identity design is really what I want to specialize in.  One of the clients was a bakery, which Constellation had already started designing for.  I wish I could have been there from the start though, because I love talking to clients about what they have in mind for their business and seeing their excitement as the process begins. Our other client was for a new homebrewing supply store. I did some of my own logo designs for both branding projects and did a lot of variations of previously designed logos.  I also designed business cards and stationary. What I liked most about the bakery branding project was the overall feeling that the client wanted to portray, a simple and classic look, which I feel like is parallel to my style of design. I leaned a lot about the process of designing for clients as well, since you don't know what they'll like or not, and you have to continuously push your designs further.

Sarah's "Citrus" Wedding Suite

Sarah's "Citrus" Wedding Suite

Throughout the summer I also worked on a couple of other various design jobs, including a business card and wedding invitations. I also conceptualized two weddings on my own and designed the invitations, cards, and rsvp's for them. While the design for wedding invitations isn't as everlasting a logo design, it is branding nonetheless, and the process of conceptualizing, drawing inspiration and designing is the same as any real world project would be.  I liked doing all of the wedding stuff because I've never worked on anything wedding related before. I also like working with type, and typography also plays a huge role in wedding invitations.

Sarah's Business Card Design

Sarah's Business Card Design

My ultimate goals for my summer internship were to gain real world experience and design new things. Constellation has assisted me in both of those goals, as I worked with actual clients and attended a couple of actual client meetings. Design is for people, and too often as students we get so used to designing only for ourselves, and not the world around us. It was great to work with someone on helping them develop their own business' growth through our designs. I also got to design new things, like the wedding invitations, and design in new ways, like designing for letterpress. I can't say that I am most proud of any singular thing that I did this summer, as I liked a lot of what I did- I like where our bakery logo ended up, I thought some of my designs for the homebrew supply store were really strong, and I liked my wedding design concepts. I think what will be most exciting though is seeing everything printed and real-  cards that I can hold in my hand, business cards I can save, and seeing the final logos printed on stationary and websites. Constellation & Co. allowed that to happen for me.

Also check out:
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Thank you, Sarah, for spending your summer with us!