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Lookbook: Cards & Gifts For Life

We like to think of our cards as no matter what, no matter when cards. These sentiments transcend occasions. You are home to me. You’re my favorite. I like you. These are anytime cards. They won’t go out of season or out of style.

And they are anywhere cards, not meant to be tucked away in a drawer or tossed aside. They are pieces of art imbued with intimacy and emotion, meant for keeping and displaying. They look good framed, hung in your home. And with your sincere handwritten message? People will keep them forever.

Remember the box of cards, photos, and letters you found at your grandma’s house? I want my grandkids to find that box at my house. That heirloom ephemera won’t happen by itself, we have to build a collection. (And somehow I doubt that our grandkids will care about our online paper trail.)

Now that our long-awaited lookbook is ready to launch (hooray!), i'll be sharing photos and written features for the next several weeks until the National Stationery Show. We created so much new content (the lookbook ended up being 82 pages!), it would be silly not to share some of it here on the blog. To view the lookbook in its printed form, you can order your own copy on Blurb or view the digital version on Issuu.


Photos by Dorothy Huynh

Etsy/West Elm Pop-Up Shop Recap

Last weekend was the Etsy and West Elm pop-up shop! We (and 12 other Seattle area Etsy sellers) packed up our products and set up shop at the Seattle West Elm store for the day.

Local decorating blog The Inspired Room curated the event, and were honored to be chosen. Thanks to everyone involved! It was a great day.


I'd been sick in bed with a cold all week before the event, but I rallied my energy just enough to park myself in a comfy West Elm dining chair with an unending supply of London Fog from Wheelhouse Coffee. So if you met me at the event, that's why I was half dead. (I hate being sick!!)


It was really fun to see our cards and prints in the beautiful store. We set up at a dining table, under this amazing chandelier. I "window" shopped from my chair all day, and Brad added about a dozen new things to his Christmas list. West Elm is definitely one of our favorites.


We're not doing a ton of events this year (focusing our energy on preparing for NSS), but we have one more pre-Christmas event coming up! We'll have the studio open on December 5th & 7th for our annual 57 Biscayne holiday open house. Put it on your calendar and come see us!

More info about the West Elm event: West Elm’s Blog The Inspired Room’s Post

Happy Vday 2013!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! We've sent out lots and lots of You & Me prints this year, and I hope each and every one of you enjoy the words of love your sweetie picked out for you! Just in time for Vday shopping, we launched several new options on our Etsy store:

[New You & Me prints on Crane's 100% Cotton Lettra paper, both in Black InkRed Ink]


New You & Me prints on 100% Recycled Kraft Paper in Bold Red Ink

Didn't get one ordered in time? Never fear! Our friends over at Klondike Penny's have the full collection available for purchase and will be open today from 12:30 - 9 pm!


Sealed with Love Forever Stamps (By Graphic designer Louise Fili, Art director Derry Noyes, & Illustrator Jessica Hische)

Also just in time for Vday, the United States Postal Service launched these lovely new stamps! I've been really impressed with the ole' USPS lately. This year's new stamps are really wonderful. But with the recent announcement about no mail service on Saturday, I've been laying awake at night thinking about a world without stamps. A world where everything is shipped with a bar code. It's not a world i'm excited about, but likely a world I'll live to see. What's a love letter without the perfect stamp? Cue Sara's inevitable hoarding of USPS ephemera...

New Blogaway: (Blog giveaway!) What's your favorite new stamp? OR  What thoughtful thing did your sweetie do for Vday? The author of my favorite comment today will receive: Option 1) a bundle of our blank letterpress postcards and a selection of fun stamps! OR Option 2) Their choice of 1 item from our You & Me Series!

Happy Birthday Abraham

Today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday, a day that I really like to celebrate!

In honor of what would have been his 204th birthday (if he was zombie Lincoln), here are some Abe related links & quotes that are pertinent to daily life:

Never let your correspondence fall behind. -A. Lincoln

Keep your correspondence up to date with our Abe is a Babe or Epic Abe card, and one of these rad new Emancipation Proclamation stamps by the United States Postal Service!


Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today. -A. Lincoln

Today i'm going to finally watch the Lincoln movie. Brad & I have been so busy these past few years that we tend to catch new movies on Red Box instead of in the theater. But no more waiting Abe, I promise! We watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter during my birthday week and it was a-maz-ing! I'm pretty sure i'll be disappointed by the Lincoln movie's lack of cheesy fight scenes on horseback, but i'll give it a try anyway. (It really was a giant cheese fest, but I enjoyed the heck out of it.)


The better part of one's life consists of his friendships. -A. Lincoln

I'm glad you're reading, friends! Let's keep the giveaways coming. Comment with your favorite Abe quote, and i'll pick my 3 favorites to receive a free Abe is a Babe mini card!

Introducing: "Organically Yours"

We are proud to introduce Organically Yours, a series of letterpress greeting cards with corresponding seed packets, produced in collaboration with Seattle Seed Company!

Sander, the owner of Seattle Seed Co., contacted us awhile back about some printing work, and it didn't take us long to realize our companies were made to collaborate!

Seattle Seed Company is dedicated to offering organic, heirloom and non-GMO seeds in an effort to promote the general health and sustainability of our communities. As a strong proponent of supporting local communities and preserving the environment, Seattle Seed Company also encourages folks to buy locally and grow their own food when possible. They're a family-owned and operated business that was started with the idea that buying non-gmo, organic seeds should be fun and easy.  All of their varieties will grow in the Northwest (and in warmer climates, of course) and all of their packaging and shipping materials are either plantable, compostable, or 100% recyclable.

In addition to their beautiful seed packets, they offer organic Gardener's Hand Soaps, and custom seed packets for wedding favors, promotions, or seasonal offerings. What a great idea for weddings! (Yeah, we love us some Seattle Seed Company!)


Each Organically Yours card is letterpress printed by hand on 100% recycled paper with a foot-powered antique printing press. (No electricity used except for the lights! And the music. You gotta have music.) Each card stars it's own veggie and comes with a corresponding packet of heirloom seeds. All the card backs include a recipe featuring the vegetable shown on the card front. The boxed card sets come with all 5 veggie cards & seed packets, plenty to send to all your favorite veggie lovers. We absolutely love the idea of sending someone the gift of plant life with your message! They're perfect for long summer days, wish you were here's, and small gifts of thank you. We even think they'd be sweet cards for newlyweds - give them some new life to plant in their new home together!

You + Me =

In honor of today's tender holiday, we have an announcement: We recently designed and produced new additions to our "You & Me" collection, and now they're available to you!

In addition to our original 11x18 print, we now offer two 8x10 prints: on 100% recycled chipboard or Crane's fluorescent white 100% cotton Lettra. We're also excited to announce a 5x7 greeting card version!


We've had lots of requests for a mailable card version, and we're thrilled to finally offer it.

These prints and card are available for wholesale purchase as well. If you're interested in carrying them in your store, e-mail us (wholesale AT and we will send you our most recent catalog.


Some history: I designed the first (and very limited) edition of "You & Me" for a local art show with a love letters theme soon after Brad and I got married. During the design process, I tried for days to think of the right words to say. It was quite a challenge. How does one put into words the kind of love that I've found with my Brad? That long-awaited, unexpected, best friend-become-spouse, always and forever love? After lots of failed flowery attempts - lots of silly, ridiculous tries at cleverness... this simple list is what I came up with. And two years later, those words are even more tried and true today than they were then.

Today, I'm humbled and happy to share that in these last 2 years, hundreds of people have used my words to share love with their someone. This is the epitome of success for me - that my heartfelt words have been shared and cherished - used to bring people closer together. I started this company and continue to work hard to grow it because I love what I do. I believe in the power of the written & printed word in people's lives. Today, and want to give my thanks to everyone who has purchased one of these prints. Thanks for sharing your life with us - we've loved sharing our life with you.

One last thing: I want to thank my sweet Brad for his love, support, and encouragement these last few years. He makes all of this possible, and inspires me to keep going. Babe: You (still!) are patient with me, encourage me, amaze me, mean the world to me, complete me, always impress me, take care of me, surprise me, are home to me, and I adore you.