Posts in Our Mid-Century Home
Before & After - Celebrate Progress!

Is anyone else as obsessed with before & afters as I am? There's something SO satisfying about obvious markers of progress. Here are a couple of #mcnallymidcentury before & afters. We've been working hard on making the house our own, and while I'm tempted not to share until it's totally "done," I'm going to show you our progress in hopes that you'll take time to recognize your own progress!

Our home was built in 1954 and “updated” in the early 90s. We want to keep the mid-century look while updating the home and creating a calm, peaceful feeling in the bathrooms and bedrooms. How do you think we’re doing so far?

Paint from Sherwin Williams in the color Sea Salt
Light Fixture from CB2
Mirror from Target
Fixtures from Rejuvenation - West Slope series in Aged Brass

The plant is a Prayer Plant (mine is specifically a Kim Prayer Plant - Maranta leuconeura 'Kim'.) The leaves fold up together in the evening like praying hands. It loves humidity and diffused light, and is doing great in the bathroom so far!

(Yes, there’s still a hole in the wall where the old toilet paper roll doo dad was. We’re working on it! :P)

Paint from Sherwin Williams in the color Rock Candy
Toy Story bedding & curtains from Target
Kids bed/dresser from IKEA

Joining "The Club"
Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 12.41.25 PM.png

Our unique Hearty Congratulations patch cards have been a best seller in our line since we launched them in 2015. Recently, while telling Michelle the story of how they came to be, it occurred to me that I’ve never shared the story with you.

In the first few years of my experience with infertility, it appeared to me that all my friends were being inducted into an exclusive “Mom Club.” They suddenly had new things to talk about, tasks to complete, and events to attend. As someone who longed to be a mom, but was struggling to conceive, these melancholy musings lead me to sketch the original Mom Club patch in my notebook. It represented the sisterhood of moms my friends were becoming for each other, and how badly I wanted to be part of that “club.”

When I eventually did become a member of the Mom Club, I was inspired to bring the idea from a rough sketch to a digital design, and finally to an embroidered patch. I sewed the patch onto my first diaper bag with a whole lot of excitement and pride.


Over the years, we’ve added many new clubs to the roster. With my growing collection of felines and ink, I joined the Cat Lady and Tattoo Babe clubs. The Happy Hour, Bookworm, and Business Ladies clubs have been fan favorites. Customer requests brought the Type Nerd and Grandparents clubs to the table. Several of these patches have been ironed onto my collection of bags, denim jackets, and vests to show the world the things that I enjoy and share about the person that I am.

There remains one club that I’d not yet joined, and one patch that I’ve looked at in the past with wistful longing. The Official Homeowners Club was added to the collection as a personal aspiration. As a millennial living in Seattle who joined the workforce in the height of the recession, home ownership has seemed like a bit of a pipe dream. My husband and I have both worked very hard over the years in the hopes that someday, maybe, if we’re super lucky, it would be possible to own a home.

I’m pleased as punch to share with you now that we’ve recently joined the Homeowners Club! We’re the proud new owners of a beautiful 1950’s home in South Seattle. We are super excited to be embarking on a long term project of giving our time capsule of a house a facelift while retaining it’s midcentury modern charm. You can rest assured that we’ll be showing you our progress, sharing before and afters, and finding ways to weave some Constellation & Co. magic into this new homeowners adventure.

This year is full of big anniversaries and milestones–ten years of marriage, ten years in Seattle, ten years of designing greeting cards, five years of the brick & mortar shop–and I’m thrilled to celebrate by putting down roots in this city I love with the people I love.