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What to Listen to While Printing

Doing a long print run is inherently repetitive. Having something great to listen to is a must.

Sam, one of our lovely summer interns, recently asked me what podcasts I listen to. And because i'm crazy pants, I decided to blog about it instead of just tell her. So, here is my "what to listen to while printing" list for summer 2013:

This American Life: Storytelling Radiolab: Science-y storytelling 99% Invisible: Design-y storytelling Nerdist: Nerdy interviews with interesting creative people

Audible: Audiobooks I recently listened to Bossypants by Tina Fey and it was amazing. Must be listened to on audiobook for sure.

Rdio: Music & Comedy I love Rdio's new stations feature! I also love Demetri Martin & the Newsies musical. And making playlists.

We have a Sonos wireless speaker, and really love it. It streams Rdio, Pandora, etc., etc. and it's really handy.

There you have it. What are you listening to right now?

Sondre Lerche

Brad planned a "surprise date" for us on Saturday night. I had no idea where we were going, and the suspense was killing me! We've been super busy lately (pulling nights and weekends at the print shop), so this was a super special treat for us.

We walked up to the Crocodile in Belltown, and Brad told me that we were seeing Sondre Lerche in concert! Due to the magic of twitter, Sondre added Brad's name to the "list" for a plus one, so we only had to pay for one ticket! (Big win for the McNally budget.)

If you haven't heard Sondre, do yourself a big favor and check him out. We first heard his music right after we got married, almost 2 years ago. His album Heartbeat Radio was the soundtrack of our newlywed fall & winter. I have such strong memories of that period of time, and that album is unbelievably dear to us. It's joyful and sentimental and sad, just like those months. I started working a really tough job right after we got back from our honeymoon - it didn't pay the bills, and required unbelievably long hours. For 3 months, I walked to work in the dark and left work in the dark. It was a tough couple months career-wise, a wonderful couple months newlywed-wise, and Heartbeat Radio was just right for all the complexities of that season of our life.

We visited Sonic Boom Records a couple weeks ago, and were so excited to see that Sondre had released a new album! We bought the vinyl (we really like to collect music we love on vinyl - and even without hearing it, we knew we'd love it!), brought it home, and were so pleasantly surprised by what we heard. In the way that Heartbeat Radio was just right for us, the new Self Titled album feels just right for where we are now. Brad and I agree on music in general, but few musicians and bands bring us together so well.

Coming back around to Saturday night - I was so excited and pleased to be seeing Sondre live! Brad and I went to tons of shows together when we were in college (even before we started dating), but haven't seen a show since Sufjan Stevens (another of our absolute favorites) last October. I was excited to hear the songs that we've loved, and excited to be out with my honey. My expectations were high... and they were completely blown out of the water. I am so thankful that Brad planned the evening for us - and so thankful that Sondre is sharing his music with the world. The show was exciting, impressive, and overwhelmingly heartfelt. Sondre shares his life, his experiences, and heart on the stage. It was really wonderful. And let me tell you - the man is talented. His voice is as clear and strong live as it is recorded. His skills on guitar are beyond anything i've seen. It was an amazing evening. Go buy his album, and don't miss him next time he's in town. Seriously.