We've Moved! (Plus, the Fisherman's Terminal Fall Festival)


Here it is, the long awaited update. (You've been long-awaiting, right?) We've moved! Sometimes when the right pieces fall into place, progress happens suddenly. It's been that kind of year this year, and the good changes just keep coming.

We've been talking about a storefront space for some time. It's a big step, and one we've been excited to pursue. But it had to be the right space, for the right price. We'd been looking and looking in Pioneer Square and not finding the right thing. Then one night we went to dinner with my parents near our house, and found the perfect place. It's a storefront space with lots of foot traffic, in our price range, and it was available right away. Those are the grown-up, reasonable reasons for it being the perfect place. Here are the irrational, emotional reasons that make it feel like a huge gift to just me:

This new space cuts my commute from 1-2 hours each day to under 10 minutes. I've been struggling with my time in the car for quite awhile, and this is a huge relief. The new space is in the Fisherman's Terminal, which means I get to spend my time right next to the water. I get to eat my lunch on a bench while looking at boats. If I'm overwhelmed, I get to walk out on a dock and listen to the water hitting the side of a wooden boat. I grew up next to the water on a beautiful canal. My dad and I spent countless weekend afternoons out on the harbor in our canoe. They are sweet, comforting memories. Part of why we picked Seattle is because of its proximity to the water. I need water to live. I need to see it, feel it, smell it. I love being this close to it every day. This new space also has a spiral staircase. The little girl inside of my squeals every time I walk up those stairs. I've got a deep, absurd love for spiral staircases, and this one is all mine. 


Okay. So we found the space, called the number on the sign on September 2nd, and were moved in and open by October 4th. We do these things, and sometimes I don't realize how crazy they are until they're done. September was nuts. We found the space, moved our studio, AND Brad and I have been going through the adoption process - all at once. It reminds me of the time we graduated from college, planned a wedding and moved cross-country all at once. Sometimes the best times are the ones you shake your head at later. Moving letterpress equipment is terrible, with or without advance notice. But it's done, everyone (presses and people) are here safely, and we're open for business!


We got moved in and set up quickly, because October 4th was the annual Fisherman's Fall Festival at the Fisherman's Terminal. It's the biggest day of the year around here, and we knew it was an important day not to miss! We hustled, and opened our doors to the public for the first time on Saturday. The event was incredible. Thousands of people came out to eat seafood, enjoy live music, and do free activities with their kids. We got to meet many of the neighbors, and had a really wonderful day.

Please note the tiny Wolverine in the bottom left of this photo. I just noticed him, and it's my new favorite thing.


Model ships!


Expert knot tying!


This tortoise!


If you missed it, put the Fisherman's Fall Festival on your calendar for next year. You seriously missed out. Needless to say, we are exhausted and happy and in need of a week-long massage. I'm getting over a poorly timed cold. But the shop is open (11am - 6pm, Monday - Saturday at 1900 West Nickerson Street, Suite 101, Seattle), the leaves are changing, Brad and I are adopting, and life is good. More updates to come soon.