Victoria's Summer Internship


Victoria's time interning with us has come to an end, and I'm very sad to see her go! She was invaluable this summer. If I could keep her, I would. (You win this one, Columbus!)

One of her final projects with us with this series of three fantasy themed cards. We brainstormed concepts together, and Victoria illustrated them, carved the images in linoleum, and printed them on the platen press. All three cards are available in our Etsy store, and Victoria makes a commission on each sale. (So go to it!) To read more about her time in Seattle, check out her blog: The Adventurers Guide.


Here are Victoria's kind words about her internship:

"It's true, it's my last few days in Seattle. I can't believe how quickly 12 weeks went by, it seems the saying, "Time flies when you're having fun," stands true. This summer has been full of mini adventures on top of epic adventures and everything in between. When I booked my flight from Columbus to Seattle I would have never guessed that in 12 weeks I'd make life long friends, rock climb a waterfall, take selfies with sleeping people on public transportation, and find a new hobby in linoleum, just to name a few. 

After my first trip to Seattle in 2012 I knew that this is where I wanted to live once I graduated. I've moved from city to city all over the US every 2 years of my life and Seattle is the combination of everything I love from each city. It has a thriving creative community, friendly people (I haven't had issues with the so called "Seattle Freeze"), lots of water, bustling city, rain forests, mountains, and beaches. Once I discussed where to live after graduation with my fiance, Chris, we both agreed that Seattle was the best choice for our careers, I could letterpress and work at a small agency while he works at a larger design firm with the creative freedom he craves. So this summer was really our attempt at getting our feet in the door with Seattle's creative community."


"Thanks to my boss at Igloo Letterpress I was able to get in contact with Constellation & Co. who was kind enough to respond to my emails and set up an interview. About 15 minutes into my phone interview I was offered an internship at Constellation & Co. A few short weeks later I packed my bags and flew across the country to Seattle. Sara and Brad McNally, the owners of Constellation, are both from Florida which is where I spent the majority of my childhood, so we immediately got along and had things in common other than letterpress. After spending 12 weeks with Sara I can safely say that she isn't crazy, although we both had a lot of wacky moments, she was extremely patient with me, and let me work on my own projects as much as Constellation projects.

This summer I learned how to print on two new presses, how to carve linoleum, how to design for letterpress, and on top of all of that many other little lessons, like don't leave oil based ink on the press. Oops. Each week in Seattle I was able to get at least one linoleum block carved and printed for the "phunny" cards I designed and Sara presented me with an opportunity to design my own mini card series to be sold on Constellation & Co's Etsy

All in all this summer is for sure a summer that I'll never forget and I'm excited to return to Seattle and Constellation after graduation! Without the help of Allison at Igloo Letterpress, my parents, Kristin, Justin, Chris, Chris' parents, Brad, and Sara this summer would have never been possible and I am so thankful to have all of you in my life. You are all incredible!"

Although I think her hypothesis about my level of crazy is dead wrong, I'm honored to have had her as my intern this summer. Victoria, you are indeed both too good to be true, and out of this world. Come back to Seattle soon!