Welcome Victoria!

vicbits3 It's been a little while since we introduced a new intern, so it's about time for this! Say hello to Victoria, our (utterly fantastic) summer intern.

Victoria graciously moved around her plans to come to Seattle early and get up to speed before we leave for the National Stationery Show. It's been a very productive few weeks! I've been enjoying getting to know Victoria, but I'll let her introduce herself:



Hello! My name is Victoria Billingsley, before moving to Ohio to major in Visual Communication Design at The Ohio State University I lived all over the U.S. The majority of my 22 years were spent in Florida but I've also lived in San Diego and Washington DC. Living in these cities opened my eyes and help me grow as a person and exposed me to many different kinds of art and design. Once accepted to OSU I struggled to pick a major, eventually I picked Design and I couldn't be happier. Design has opened many doors for me and one of those doors lead me to Letterpress Printing. I started searching for opportunities in Columbus and found Igloo Letterpress who I have been fortunate to work with for almost a year. Although Columbus is lovely the west coast has always been one of my favorite places so after sifting through hundreds of studios I found Constellation & Co. where Sara was nice enough to give me a chance in her studio. I've only been here a week and it's even better than I could have imagined.

To follow along with Victoria's summer, check out her blog: Adventurer's Guide.