Lookbook: Colin & Lauren's Home

This sweet mid-century modern home in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle is home to the Day family: Colin, Lauren, and their sons, Jonah and Simon.

Colin is a creative director and was one of the first people we met when we arrived in Seattle. We were bright eyed and bushy tailed recent grads looking for design jobs, and Colin kindly took Brad out to coffee and introduced him to other members of the design community. 

Colin and Lauren have been really good friends to us these past five years. We’ve spent many evenings on their couch and around their fire pit in the backyard. They’ve walked with us through marriage scuffles, big decisions, and life in general.

I think their home is the perfect representation of their entire family, both parents and kids. Everything in their home reflects their personal style: classically modern and put together—but colorful, welcoming, and inspiring.

It was a joy to spend the afternoon taking photos in their beautiful home, just as it’s been a joy to get to know them. People say Seattle has a “freeze,” keeping folks apart—but friends like the Day family prove it’s a myth!


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Photos by Dorothy Huynh