Client Work: Jon's Business Cards


Recently, we had the honor of printing business cards for Mr. Jonny Ashcroft. He did the design, and I had the distinct pleasure of printing possibly the prettiest blind deboss ever. Thanks for working with us, Jon!

The paper is an impressive 280 pounds of Holyoke, with metallic gold edge painting. Holyoke is a 100% cotton paper, made by a fellow letterpress printer. Holyoke's paper is made from archival quality cotton, re-purposed from the garment and linter industries. This is my first time printing on Holyoke, and i'm officially obsessed. It's soft, pillowy, and takes impression like a champ. It's got more texture than Lettra (the paper we use for most of our client projects), so it's not ideal for all jobs, but I look forward to using it often in the future!

For more info about blind deboss, take a look at our "What's the Deal With Impression" blog post.