NSS 2014 Pre-Show Promo

promomailer2 Since this is our first year at the National Stationery Show, I set out to design and print a pre-show promo mailer that is very "us." It's our first contact with some amazing stores, so it had to be memorable!

The poster image is inkjet printed on newsprint, with the typography printed on the iron handpress with vintage wood type. The flat piece was printed with vintage wood type and a photopolymer plate. I couldn't resist taking the opportunity to use string & button envelopes, but I was a little surprised at the additional 21 cents the post office charged per piece because of them. (Now we know!)

These little labors of love were recently sent out to around 100 carefully curated retailers. It is so important to us that each retailer is a great fit, so the mailing list took a lot of research. But no complaints here - it was such a pleasure to find amazing new shops across the country and world.

If you didn't receive one of these babies in the mail, drop us a line. There are still some left, and I'd love to send you one!