Lookbook: Our Life in Seattle

seattle4 This city is home to me in a way I couldn’t have predicted. Five years later, I’m still homesick when we leave and giddy when we return home. There’s nowhere in the world like Seattle.

Brad and I visited Seattle with some comrades from college for the first time as “just friends” during our junior year. It was January, so naturally it was cold and rainy. And to us…it was perfect. We’re both from smallish suburban hometowns, and this was our first trip to the big city without our families. We were mystified at every turn by the sights, the shops, the people, the architecture, and the design sense of this city. Shortly after that trip we started dating, and neither of us stopped feeling a little homesick for Seattle until we returned.

Our next trip to Seattle during our senior year included dinner at Sky City (the restaurant on top of the Space Needle) and Brad on one knee. As the restaurant slowly spun and we watched the city go by, he told me that this was our city and he wanted to spend his life here, with me. Naturally, we loaded up the car with essentials (clothes, snacks, and my first tabletop printing press) and hit the road for Seattle just weeks after graduation.

Seattle fits us like a glove. This is where we’ve planted our feet, started our careers, grown our business, and made lifelong friends. This is where we’ll raise our kids. This is where we’ll grow old. This city—water & mountains, gold rush and midcentury modern, large yet small—it’s home.






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Photos by Dorothy Huynh, Sara & Brad McNally