Lookbook: Let's Write Letters

Letter writing is visceral. It requires all the senses. You touch the paper, smell the ink, see the letters scrawl across the page, and listen as you shuffle the card into the envelope. Letter writing is personal. It requires time. You thoughtfully choose the card, and you carefully craft the message.

Letter writing is intimate. Personal. Not only for you as you touch, smell, see, and hear, but also for the receiver. There is joy in opening the mailbox and finding a hand-addressed envelope. There is anticipation and excitement in carefully deciphering the script, finding the love and care literally written into the paper. What a rare gift in the age of Twitter and Facebook and e-mail.

This world we live in sends mass communication as a default. It’s loud and busy and makes the introverted parts of me pretty overwhelmed. I’ve spent the last five years of my life fixated on the history, craft, and tactile nature of letterpress. I design and print vessels for correspondence. But I want to be more than just a creator of stationery. I want to be a writer of letters and an ambassador of quiet communication. I want to practice what I preach.

Letter writing isn’t lost. It’s right here. It always has been. On greeting cards, personalized stationery, sticky notes, and cocktail napkins. It requires your time and attention, yes, but the payoff is big. It’s real and authentic and fosters relationships. Together, let’s write letters.


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Photos by Dorothy Huynh