Lookbook: Jon & Paige's Ballard House

Our friends Jon and Paige are the coolest. They came to Seattle via Phoenix, and we met them soon after they relocated to the Pacific Northwest. Jon happens to be a well known designer with a large Twitter following, and Brad was one of his followers. Knowing Jon and Paige were new to Seattle, Brad invited them to dinner at our house. They agreed and thus began a lovely friendship. The world really is small sometimes.

Not long after our first dinner, Jon went from friend to co-worker when he hired Brad to work with him at a local start-up design firm. The two of them are a lot alike: quiet, careful with words, and nerdy to the core. Paige and I bonded over our many eccentricities, like our appreciation for old men & old things, and our love for telling long, drawn out stories about mundane events.

One night while out for dinner, I told Jon about my desire to get a tattoo. I’d thought about it for years, but always hesitated to make an appointment. “Let’s go right now,” he said. I said, “yes!” So with the moral support of Brad, Jon, and Paige, I went for it—and I’m so glad I did. I suppose you could say those two made their mark!

We loved spending time at their beautifully curated house (once featured on Design Sponge!) with Sam and Molly their sweet, cuddly, and large dogs. They’ve since moved away from Seattle, and we miss them terribly!


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Photos by Dorothy Huynh