Lookbook: Jenny & Mike's Lakeside Place

I’ll never forget the night Jenny sat down next to me, introduced herself, and said, “I want to be your intern.” I love her candidness—she knows what she wants and asks for it in such a winning manner that you can’t help but say yes.

I went on to design the invitations for her wedding to Mike, and they were the perfect clients—encouraging, excited, and eager to try out my ideas. I knew that we just had to be friends!

Jenny is an incredibly talented photographer and was an amazing intern. Camera always in hand, she snapped photos of our studio and our processes and was an awesome sounding board for all my crazy ideas. She has been an absolute joy and encouragement since the day I met her.

When I had the idea to do photo shoots throughout the city, I thought of Mike and Jenny right away. They live a badass Northwest life. They ride motorcycles, go camping, shoot weddings in gorgeous locations, and live in a nautical lakeside apartment that is so them. The evening we spent capturing these photos and sipping whiskey on the dock will not soon be forgotten.


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Photos by Dorothy Huynh