Lookbook: Cards & Gifts For Life


We like to think of our cards as no matter what, no matter when cards. These sentiments transcend occasions. You are home to me. You’re my favorite. I like you. These are anytime cards. They won’t go out of season or out of style.

And they are anywhere cards, not meant to be tucked away in a drawer or tossed aside. They are pieces of art imbued with intimacy and emotion, meant for keeping and displaying. They look good framed, hung in your home. And with your sincere handwritten message? People will keep them forever.

Remember the box of cards, photos, and letters you found at your grandma’s house? I want my grandkids to find that box at my house. That heirloom ephemera won’t happen by itself, we have to build a collection. (And somehow I doubt that our grandkids will care about our online paper trail.)

Now that our long-awaited lookbook is ready to launch (hooray!), i'll be sharing photos and written features for the next several weeks until the National Stationery Show. We created so much new content (the lookbook ended up being 82 pages!), it would be silly not to share some of it here on the blog. To view the lookbook in its printed form, you can order your own copy on Blurb or view the digital version on Issuu.


Photos by Dorothy Huynh