Printing Will & Meggie

I've been printing like a mad woman these past few weeks. I've also been carrying around my camera to capture process for you. (Yes, you!)

Here's a behind the scenes look at the 48 hour whirlwind that was printing Will & Meggie's wedding invites. Since this design required a long skinny image, I jumped in the car and went to West Seattle to borrow Myrtle Alley Press' Vandercook. This press is a beast. It can print up to 18" x 24", and requires about a week of energy to print for a day. (Picture me, sweaty and tired.)

The plate for printing the first color on the interior. Big big plate!

I really like pictures of tools.

The first color, on the page. How pretty is the texture on that banged up feed board?

Plate for the second color on the interior.

I like big stacks of paper.

Back to C&Co. and our Chandler & Price. Time to print the clouds!

This is a great example of what white ink looks like when printed on colored paper. It's semi-transparent, kind of milky, and looks like clouds. Great for this application, not great for others.

More beautiful stacks of 50. Repetition is soothing.

Plate for the invite's front on our C&P.

First color on the front.

Here come more clouds!

These clouds were really fun to print.

Final steps: Scoring the pieces to fold and sewing machine perforation! The sewing machine isn't a great method for high quantities, but worked great for these 150 invites.

All done!