Sandwich Board!


Hello friends, I have a fun new offering for you!

Earlier this year we worked with a lovely couple named Martha & Jon on their art deco inspired save the dates and invitation suite. This month, they came back for all their "day of" paper items: dinner & dessert menus, programs, table numbers, seating chart, etc. They're getting married this coming weekend at Melrose Market Studios, a local venue that is beautiful on the inside but a little difficult to find from the street. They asked if we could do a custom sandwich board to place outside their wedding venue, and we were excited to say yes!


Martha & Jon chose the typographic design from their info card for the sign. It's simple, classy, and ties in with their wedding suite enough to grab their guests' attention. We did some research on purchasing a sandwich board pre-made, but quickly decided that DIY was the way to go.


We found this tutorial, and followed it pretty closely. We'll be keeping the sandwich board to offer future clients (yay!), so instead of particle board, we chose a high quality plywood. We assembled it, painted a white base coat, and prepared a stencil.


I used the stencil on both sides to draw the image onto the board with pencil. On the first side, I taped off the image house painter style (a long, long process), and painted it quickly with a small foam brush. I let it dry almost all the way and then removed the tape. The straight lines came out looking great, but the d & o looked rough and needed to be touched up later. For the second side, I nixed the tape and used a tiny brush to carefully paint the image within the pencil lines. This was slow going and needed to be touched up slightly in the end as well. I'm undecided as to which I'd do next time - they were about equal in effort/time, and both sides looked equally good in the end!


Here's the finished product outside our studio building in Pioneer Square. The project was really fun to tackle, and now we have a sandwich board to offer other clients in the future! Nothing says "here's my wedding venue" like a custom, hand painted sign! If you're interested in renting our sandwich board with your own custom design, e-mail us: (hello AT