Wood Engraving Update & We Got a Bird & I Got a Tattoo

I realized today that I had been doing blog post updates about my wood engraving classes and I left you hanging. Sorry, friends! Life & work get crazy and all bets are off. But I'm still stuck at home with a bad back, so lots of writing is happening.

[A playful baby bear & our entrance at 110 Cherry Street]

Here's the tardy update: I've been continuing on with my classes with Carl each Friday, and have finished several new pieces. (They aren't available online anywhere yet - still enjoying doing them for me, and trying to decide how to present the new work. I'll keep you posted on where you can see them all soon!) Having the iron handpress has been amazing for printing my new work - engraving & handpresses are the perfect combination! Brad is seriously the winner at gift giving for this year - these classes have changed so much of how I work and think. It’s been so much fun discovering new methods of problem solving and image making.

A quick, expressive exploration in mark making

I’ve been sneaking away from my computer and other work often to play and practice and create. I've been inspired me to do art work that’s all for me. I love working with my clients (I really really do), but I was an art school kid. I’d forgotten what it felt like to have an idea (inspired by my life, my relationships, my struggles) and DO it. Right then. Just to get it out. I’ve been going to wood engraving & printing on the iron handpress often – as a place to express myself, to experiment, to create. My platen press is a finely tuned piece of machinery for production. But my iron handpress? It’s forgiving, welcoming of trial & error, user friendly. I almost can’t remember what I did before “Wendy” came home.

Atticus the Finch

In other news, we got a studio bird to keep me company! He's a tiny zebra finch, and it's been a joy to hear him singing and flapping and chattering away. He's at home with me right now - I couldn't bear to think about him alone in the studio all week while i'm stuck in my chair. Aaaaand, he'll very likely be my next engraving. Can't you picture it, with his little orange beak & feet hand colored? And a To Kill a Mockingbird quote? Fun to think about. (Especially since i've been stuck in a chair on the laptop all week. Ready to work with my hands again.)

A new kind of ink in my life. (And apparently I'm always drinking coffee.)

In other other news, I got a tattoo awhile back. I went to Anchor Tattoo in Ballard, and it was an awesome experience. They were super sweet, even though I was a giddy 26 year old girl in a sundress, getting her first tattoo. I've been talking about getting a tattoo for years, but I never got up the nerve to make an appointment. It took the peer pressure encouragement of friends who already have tattoos (I'm looking at you, Jon & Paige) to get me to finally do it. And i'm so glad I did! I love that I see it while doing all the little everyday things that make up my life. I wanted it to be something that's always present - a reminder of my anchor & my hope. For my thoughts on anchors, take a look at the post I wrote about my first wood engraving.

That's it for today, folks. I've been enjoying writing this week (despite crazy back pain), and will be trying my hardest to keep it up.