Our Very Own Iron Handpress

A few weeks ago, we took a road trip to the great white north (Vancouver) and brought home a new member of the Constellation family! Meet Wendy, our Washington-style Reliance iron handpress.

She's from the early 1900's and in beautiful condition. (And possibly the coolest thing that's ever been listed on Craigslist!) Her bed size is 16" x 21" and we are so excited about printing posters in house! We're working on Wendy's inaugural broadside, and will be sure to share it with you soon. Here are some photos of the big move:

The lovely Canadian gentleman who sold us the press

On the road in Carl's van

Wendy emerges from the van in our alley

Wendy on the move

The strongest guys I know!

Wendy all back together / Illustrated Diagram from Printing with the Handpress by Lewis M. Allen

Photos by Ben Vandermeer