Welcome, Spring Interns!


Hello blog folks! I'm pleased to introduce not one but two fabulous Spring interns to you.

We had a huge amount of interest in our Spring internship this year, and were thrilled to snag these lovely Seattle Pacific University students to work with us. Both ladies are majoring in Visual Communication and minoring in Business - which is a rather smart thing I wish i'd done! They'll be working alongside the rest of the C&Co. team in all things small business (we all wear many hats), as well as working on real world client design projects, learning the letterpress printing process, and working on the new C&Co. wholesale card & gift line and catalog! We're thrilled to have such energetic and talented ladies in the studio, and it is my pleasure to let them introduce themselves to you here.

Hi, my name is Dorothy! I'm a big fan of adventures outdoors, exploring new coffee shops and climbing rocks (on the amateur level). I'm an avid traveler and when budget allows, I take up every chance I get to explore this rad world we live in. When I grow up, I just want to love people and share life with them. But, you can't make money off of that so on many summer weekends, you'll see me rocking my TOMs and documenting nuptials like it's my job (because it is). I'm also an aspiring designer and a soon-to-be graduate of Seattle Pacific University (!!!).

I'm one of Constellation & Co's new interns and I'm way excited about it. Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you that I am obsessed with letterpress. There's a ton for me to learn and grow from the crew here and I'm super thankful for this opportunity.


Greetings. My name is Emily Scott and I am currently in my Junior year at Seattle Pacific University studying Visual Communications. I enjoy long walks on the beach, all-expenses paid vacations, spending sunny afternoons on my yacht, and hanging out with the Beibs. Ok... so the only truth in that last statement is the part about enjoying the beach. I don’t actually have a yacht, and Seattle isn’t actually sunny.

My actual interests include: design, playing the piano, singing, cooking, adventuring outdoors (Northwest really is best), making people laugh, and spending time with friends and family. I dabble in painting and photography and on occasion can be found indoor rock climbing (though my arms protest quite a bit).

I am beyond excited to have received an internship position at Constellation & Co. I am expectant that I will grow as a designer, learn and begin to master the process of working with clients, develop my skills as a printer, and better understand the inner workings of small business. I am confident that the things I learn as an intern will equip me for my post-college career as a designer and to hopefully push me further towards my dream of working with non-profit organizations.

I am blessed to be working alongside Sara and the rest of the team and cannot wait to dive in and start creating!