Foil Stamping


We picked up this awesome Howard Imprinting Machine a few months ago at our neighborhood "oddities" store, The Belfry. Like everything else in our shop, it has a colorful history.

We've had a ton of fun since purchasing it - experimenting with different foil and type, doing hot foil stamping on everything we can get our hands on. We finally feel confident enough with our new toy to offer foil stamping to you, our friends & clients!

Here's a list of things we think are especially awesome with the addition of foil stamping: Custom stationery with your name or monogram Envelope return addresses Place/escort cards for your wedding guests Foil stamped names on diplomas, certificates, etc. Custom napkins for weddings with your names, wedding date, location, etc. Custom napkins for anniversary parties, birthday parties, baby showers, etc. with name, date, age, etc. One of our art prints, foil stamped with a special message for your loved one

Our imprinting machine uses vintage type, so we're unable to offer custom imagery or logo printing at the moment. We're expanding our collection of type, but at the moment we have these options:


A solid & stoic sans serif typeface, available in caps only.


Murray Hill, a sweet and slightly retro script typeface. Available in two sizes.

We have lots of options for foil colors - we special order or foil from Aamstamp for each custom project, and you can check out the options at their (super retro) website!

For napkins: We use Creative Converting's Touch of Color collection (in 3 ply). They have a lot of really relevant color options! You can check them out at their website, or e-mail us to schedule a time to come see them in person.

For stationery, envelopes, place cards, etc.: We have a rather large selection of stock options. We also have a large selection of vintage "dingbats" available for use on your project. E-mail us (hello AT to schedule a time to come see the studio, and all of these lovely options in person.

We are quoting each project on a custom basis depending on quantity, scope, etc. For your quote, rush right over to our estimate request form, and make sure to list "Vintage Type Foil Stamping" in the "What type of project is it?" box so we know how to quote you.