We Heart SF


A couple weeks ago (it's been so busy since we got back!) we spent time in San Francisco for Renegade Craft Fair and a long overdue "just the two of us" vacation. It was our first time in California, so we took a road trip down the coast to see as much as we could.

It was the most wonderful trip. We had lots of adventures, saw the sights, ate tons of great food, did some shopping... SF took really good care of us. Here are some of our favorite things.

Photos taken by Brad on an iPhone with  VSCO Cam

Photos taken by Brad on an iPhone with VSCO Cam


Nopalito - Some friends who live in SF suggested Nopalito, so we wandered over there wearily after the first day of Renegade. It was an hour plus wait for a table, so we took our orders to go. We were so glad that we did, because it was the best Mexican food we'd ever had, bar none. Seattle has a lot of great food, but Mexican is not one of our strong points. This was such a pleasure to eat.

Green Chile Kitchen - More great Mexican! We ate here for lunch, and it was amazing. Super yummy food. And Horchata is delicious. Who knew?

Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery - We live in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle (and we love it), so we just had to give SF's Magnolia a try. Brad had a great beer, I drank a lovely pomegranate cider, and their bacon wrapped, goat cheese filled dates blew our minds. We liked it so much, we took home a souvenir glass.

Tartine - On our road trip, every side of the road attraction had a sign that said "world famous." Most of those things were really not famous, and really not awesome. But let me tell you, Tartine is both world famous AND really awesome. I'm going to be dreaming about those pastries for awhile.

Bi-Rite Creamery - Awesome ice cream. I had brown sugar with ginger caramel swirl, and it was delightful.

Lou's Cafe - We completely stumbled onto Lou's. We were starving and in a a part of the city we knew nothing about, so we were so excited when it was incredible. Seriously good sandwiches.

Ferry Building - We went pretty early in the morning, so we didn't get to partake in any of the savory options, but we had two lovely cups of Blue Bottle Coffee and the best french macaroons i've ever had from Miette.

Four Barrel Coffee - Our favorite in SF. Delicious coffee and amazing interior design. So good.


Super 7 and Kid Robot - Nerdy goodness. We bought a few fun things.

Goorin Bros. Hat Shop - They've been around since 1895, making super gorgeous hats! I wanted everything, of course.

Valencia Street - We absolutely loved spending time browsing the shops up and down Valencia. We didn't want to leave.

Paxton Gate - Taxidermy, plants, oddities... it's amazing.

Taylor Stitch - Gorgeous interior, beautiful custom made clothes. Rad.

The Curiosity Shoppe - Carries our items from time to time! Perfectly curated shop. Everything has a perfect place. Very cool.

826 Valencia - This is a pirate themed shoppe in the same network as Seattle's Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. Super fun inside and all the proceeds go to writing workshops for kids!

Union Street Papery - Gorgeous hand painted typography on the walls leading up to the shop, and a mind blowing selection of paper goods.

Heath Ceramics - Can we trade in all of our dishes for Heath beauties? Please?

Attractions/Touristy Things

Golden Gate Park - I have a total obsession with bison, so we made a bee line for the Bison paddock. Such sweet creatures!

Sutro Baths - We were really impressed by these oceanside ruins of a late 1800's, early 1900's marvel. Gorgeous views and super interesting history.

Pier 39 - We were trying to avoid the super touristy things in SF, but Pier 39 has SEA LIONS on the docks, all the time. And they are lazy and cute. I loved them.

Pier 45 - Has a warship and a submarine that are cool to look at from the outside but expensive to tour. We passed on the tour, but walking over there, we found the Pier 45 Coin Arcade or "Musee Mecanique" - which is a total gem. We were really glad we had quarters!

Palace of Fine Arts - A crazy beautiful place that feels like it shouldn't exist. Fun to walk around with a cup of coffee.

Arion Press and M&H Type - This deserves its own blog post, which will be forthcoming (hopefully, if I ever catch up). They only do tours Thursdays at 3:00, but it is a sight to behold. This is what printer's heaven looks like. INSANE. They are still casting printer's type for sale - we're gearing up to order a bunch. So exciting and unexpected.

I can't overstate how much fun we had. I've got a lot more to share (like how amazing our fellow Renegade sellers were and all the fun things we bought), but they'll have to wait until I catch up on client work a little more.