Constellation Collections: Typewriters


Having a studio separate from our home has given us an excuse to collect all kinds of random things. In this new blog segment, I will show you photos of these collections, and tell you where they came from. Deal?

Shortly after we got married (when we were unemployed and broke), I was at Space Oddity (one of our favorite Seattle vintage shops) and fell in love with this low-profile typing beauty. And (because we were newlyweds and I was totally clueless) I splurged and brought her home. When Brad saw her, he was definitely confused. We were seriously broke, and I bought a typewriter. Good thing he loves me!


This sweetheart was a gift from a friend of ours. He brought her to our old studio when he helped us move our press the first time. Come to think of it, we should have given him a gift, not the other way around! That was a long night for everyone. Andy, we owe you one. She's a beauty, and weighs almost as much as the press! (Give or take a few hundred pounds.)


As much as I love typewriters, they take up a ton of space. So, when someone finds one (and inevitably tells me about it), I always say: "I'd love another, but I don't have the room." This Christmas (after hearing this several times) my mom, dad, and sister gave me this tiny typewriter. Their thinking? "There's room!" Good thing, because this little lady is a gem. Bonus? She sharpens pencils.