A Constellation Catalog


Last week, we launched our first full wholesale catalog. And let me tell you, it was more certainly a labor of love!

Our goal was to send it out in January, but I caught a case of the "it's not ready yet!" panic. While I would have loved to get it out sooner, I'm really pleased with how it came out. Hopefully it's worth the wait! We felt that the catalog needed to be a direct representation of all the things we love about what we do: quality paper, letterpress printing, charming embellishments (and hawk stamps). We wanted it to feel welcoming, but substantial - something you'd  want keep around.


In true Constellation style, this catalog came together with a lot of help! We had multiple proofreaders and copy editors, as well as an assembly line of friends and family, lovingly putting these together. Even the post office got into the spirit, letting me help hand cancel each one.


We are so excited that this catalog is currently making its way around our city, our country and our world! Sharing our work, our studio, our story - it's a big deal to us. And we're excited to hear what our favorite stores think... and what you think!


If you own a store (or know someone who owns a store), and would like a copy of our new catalog, please let us know! E-mail us: wholesale AT constellationco DOT com.