In Honor...


Today, Brad's grandfather passed away.

Hank was a collector, a lover of old things. He and his wife spent a lot of time together at garage sales and estate sales, finding treasures. Hank was really good at Wii Bowling. (This past Thanksgiving, we had so much fun playing with him - and he beat us almost every time.) Hank is man who leaves behind a legacy - kids, grandkids, and a sweet great-granddaughter that will miss him dearly.

When Hank and his wife moved out of their family home last year, they shared some of their treasures with their kids and grandkids. The stately eagle that hangs in our studio was once hung in their kitchen for many years.


When my parents moved to Washington a few months ago, they also brought along the eagle that my grandfather once hung on the front of their family home in Florida. It struck me today that these eagles have such a place of prominence in our studio - here to remind us of those who've come before and laid the way for our life together. We are so grateful for these men, and glad to have these remembrances of them, always here with us.

We'll be away for a few days, attending Hank's funeral and spending time with our family. Thanks for your patience as we take this time away.