Happy Lincoln Day!


Today is Abraham Lincoln's 203rd birthday! We're big Abe fans over here at Constellation & Co. So in honor of the big guy's big day, here are a few Lincoln themed activities for your celebration and enjoyment.

Send a fellow Lincoln-lover our "Abe's a Babe" mini card (better late than never!), Buy some Abe swag from this Abe Treasury on Etsy, Listen out this great song by Sufjan Stevens that mentions our favorite 16th president and his epic "great emancipator"-ness, Or listen to this mediocre and slightly bizarre song that is actually about Abe Lincoln's Birthday... And while we're at it, here's a Civil War era song about how Jeff Davis tore down the government and Abe built a better one...

(We found the printer's block above awhile back, and absolutely had to bring it home with us. I would most certainly shop there.)

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