New Furniture, New Config


We recently picked up a (very heavy) new piece of studio furniture on Craigslist. We'd been looking for an additional storage solution (flat files, type cases, etc.), but our budget wasn't lining up with what was available. But then (ta da!) this beautiful galley rack came up, and we snatched it up and brought it to its new home.

We took the new addition as an opportunity to re-think the work flow in our studio, and reconfigure the way everything fit together. I'm glad we did, because the new configuration is a big improvement! I trip on things less, and have more space to lay out in-progress work.


We also took the opportunity to organize, categorize and catalog of our collection of type and printer's blocks. We've taken a proof of each item, and will soon have a full catalog of vintage imagery to share with our clients!


The lovely and talented Jenny took these photos of the galley rack/studio config today, and captured some studio still life's as well.


I love seeing the way other people look at the studio. Some of the still life's to be found here are intentional (I like to organize things until they are the most pleasing to my eye), but many of them are the product of the work. Jenny always does a great job at finding the unintentional kind. For example: tools left in the place I last used them...


New-to-us items left out until we find a place to put them or a use for them...


There's something really comforting about all the repetition in the shop. Furniture, reglet, galleys... they are organized and in line. Tried and true. Always in their place. Well...most of the time.