New Studio Location


Constellation & Co. has officially found a new home! We will soon be moving with several other 619 Building artists to another historic building in Pioneer Square.

Our new studio will be located on the 2nd floor of 110 Cherry Street, on the corner of 1st and Cherry. The new floor of studio spaces will be named "57 Biscayne," a clever and timely nod to a line of Joni Mitchell song lyrics. 57 Biscayne also has available studio spaces, if you're looking. Join us!

[Photo from an article on the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerence]

110 Cherry is an ornate brick building, built in the wave of new construction after the 1889 Seattle fire. I'm having trouble finding historical information on the building - but be assured, we'll hunt it down! We're looking forward to bringing our presses to their new home, and creating lots of fun historic prints together. (We're also looking forward to lots of DIY interior decorating projects, which you can look forward to seeing here on the blog.)