Here's to all of us.


Bear with me for a moment, It's going to get sentimental up in here.

In January of 2008, Brad and I came to Seattle for the first time with our friends Ron & Jesse. We were all really good friends, hanging out in Sarasota and working on design projects together. I can't recall what initially inspired to spend our winter break in the Northwest - but I'm so glad we did! We walked up and down the city, took a lot of pictures, and didn't want to leave. We only spent 2 days in Seattle (before heading down to Portland and other parts of Oregon), but those 2 days were enough. We fell in love.

Within a month of our Seattle trip, Brad and I finally started dating (after years of "best friendship"), and got married and moved to Seattle a year and a half later.

Shortly after this trip, Ron moved to Seattle (and eventually moved on to Corvallis, Oregon and a lovely lady!) He's getting married this weekend, and we'll be there to celebrate! Jesse just completed his cross-country road trip, moving to Seattle. (4 years later, but it was always the plan!) 

I love these guys. I'm so proud to know them, and so glad we all ended up in the Northwest. It's so funny and wonderful to look back - and it's so good to see us all happy now. You guys are amazing.

So, here's to us. Here's to Seattle, and here's to being friends for a long long time.